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What to Expect when Investing in Manchester Property

Manchester is one of the best cities for investing in property, especially with its quickly growing population and excellent rental return. The city has a bright future ahead as more people are drawn to it by both these factors which will create an increase in demand that pushes up prices even further, making Manchester not only a great place to invest now but also over time.

Manchester is well on its way to becoming a new hub for the property market. It’s seen as an excellent choice, with demand surging 24%. Looking at both rental returns and price growth over this period of time makes Manchester one of the best markets for property investment in the UK.

Among the things that make Manchester properties worth investing are:

  1. It is a lifestyle city.

Manchester has been voted ‘Best UK City to live in’ twice by the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Survey. It is home to galleries, museums, and theatres, not to mention a variety of festivals flocked by tourists each year.

Manchester is a diverse place with many beautiful spots to explore and enjoy. Apart from the bustling city centre, there are also plenty of opportunities for walking in nature or exploring historic sites.

You can visit either Dunham Massy Park or Tatton Park which offer some great hiking trails, among other things. Other picturesque locations are that of Lyme Park, Altrincham Countryside, and Pennine Way near Saddleworth Moor.

  1. It offers the highest rental growth than any other city in the UK.

Manchester apartments are quickly becoming a hotspot for investors looking to get into the UK property market. The M14 postcode, which covers areas such as Platt Fields Park and Fallowfield are seeing some of the highest rental yields in all of England at 10.5% – making it an appealing place for anyone who’s keen on investing but wants more than just 9%.

Rents are skyrocketing in Manchester apartments, and it’s expected to continue over the next few years. The UK average is 14.8% while rent rates here will increase by 16%. This means that with a higher quality of housing stock going up for lease, there’s also an increased demand from tenants which causes rents to go up quite quickly (6-7%).

With these lucrative rental yields, house prices remain affordable relative to other cities like London or Birmingham, where property prices can be anywhere between £400-$500 thousand pounds ($430k – $534k).

  1. Resilient property market, rivalling London.

Manchester has seen a lot of success in the property market compared to many other UK cities. The city’s property market has shown trends continuing upward despite 2020 being an uncertain time for the British economy. Property prices continued growing at rates higher than any other city over five years up until 2024 according to expert forecasts – this means that investors should be paying attention!

Manchester’s property market seems like it’ll outperform most others throughout England from now on because even when things were shaky during the past couple of years, its housing values remained resilient, making them great investments for anyone looking into buying or renting soon.

  1. A city with a booming economy.

Manchester’s economy is one of the fastest growing economies compared to other cities in the UK. It has a GDP of £62 billion and it’s home to over 2,000 foreign enterprises with 6.7% increase from 2012-2019 when analysing employees who are based within the city centre ward 5%.