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What Kind of Problems Can Affect Your Real Estate Deals According to Asaf Izhak Rubin ?

Real estate ventures are highly rewarding if you have a great mindset. Contrary to that, it doesn’t matter if you lack enough experience or aren’t real estate-savvy when starting out as a real estate investor. With the right guidance and the correct sources of learning, you can learn pretty much everything about investing in various real estate markets.

However, there are certain things that you should know whether you are on your way to becoming a real estate investor or simply laying your head out to purchase a comfortable residential space to make your home. Having a real estate lawyer can solve numerous problems which might otherwise cause you severe headaches and loss of time.

Home Inspections

In the reliable words of the seasoned real estate lawyer professional Asaf Izhak Rubin, the world of real estate can become quite complicated. The complexities that revolve around every sale and purchase can be debilitating to some people, especially if they are simply in the real estate market for the first time.

When you are setting out to purchase a home, you need to look at several aspects of the property in detail. Some of those things are the home disclosure agreement and the home inspection process. It is possible and it does happen in reality that people can make fraudulent attempts at selling a brought-down or extremely poor condition property. Hence, they might mess up the home disclosure agreements and home inspection process with the aim of selling the property to you as quick as they can.

A real estate lawyer can be your guardian angel in such a case as they will be able to comprehend the various features of the properties. Cases like unpaid taxes, remaining mortgages, or underlying property issues are a common disturbance that can cause you financial harm. Nonetheless, a real estate lawyer means that such things are not likely to occur and that you will be safe from walking into an unseen illegal trap.

Property Dilemma – Occupants and Tenants

It is also possible to experience some sort of protests and other problems when involved in the sale and purchase of a property. Whether you are selling a commercial/residential real estate property or purchasing it, some rights require your attention.

If there are occupants or tenants living in a property, it can become difficult to carry on a real estate transaction. Tenants may occupy the space forcefully with no intention of letting you sell or purchase a property. Asaf Izhak Rubin suggests that this can be damaging to your time and investment equally. But there is a successful way out. If you are on the right side, legally, your real estate lawyer can help you continue the transaction and deal. This is because as a buyer or property owner, you will know your rights of selling/purchasing.

Further, it will save you the trouble of going under legal issues such as forceful and unethical eviction of tenants/occupants. This is because a real estate lawyer will outline conditions under which you are rightfully allowed to buy or sell a property. Thus, no legal dispute will continue to harm your investment.

 Title Documents and Fraud

You can encounter someone who will be willing to sell you a property but might not be the rightful owner of it. Such cases give rise to legal liability issues as purchasing someone’s property at the hands of a person who isn’t the owner is a criminal offense.

On the bright side, title documents can save you the damage regarding this matter. These documents and paper are the authentic sources that state the rightful owner of a commercial or residential property. Therefore, you will know who the right owner to deal with is. Asaf Izhak Rubin explains that having a real estate lawyer can help you through the process of reviewing and verifying title documents.


Real estate lawyers possess extensive knowledge and experience regarding the processes, deals, transactions, and other formalities that take place when selling or purchasing real estate property. Their expertise guarantees safety and ensures client protection at all times. Moreover, they can help you in numerous other property issues than those above.