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Landed Properties Defined: What You Need to Understand

Landed properties, like Pollen Collection, are commonly known as residential properties wherein the land title is held by the owner. It’s known as one of the most desired kinds of real estate in Singapore. Since it is generally more expensive than condominiums, homeowners aiming for landed house properties will need a larger budget. This costly price is because of the necessity to have land ownership — broadly considered an extremely valuable asset. Most homeowners commonly invest in real estate properties to diversify their assets or financially secure their future by any chance of an economic crisis.

The quantity of landed housing properties comes in limited quantities. Why is this? Generally, the property is deemed to be the safer option compared to other real estate units like condos.

Different Types of Landed Property

There are different landed properties in Singapore you could explore, and they’re the following:

  • Conservation House
  • Town House
  • Good Class Bungalow
  • Shop House
  • Cluster House
  • Semi-Detached House
  • Detached House
  • Terrace House

Is Landed Property a Good Investment?

There is no way around it: a landed property is among the best purchases you could make because of its long-term capital appreciation. Even in times of an economic downturn, acquiring one will let you hold on to the market value of your assets in the department of real estate.

How Much Does a Landed Property Cost and How Much Should You Pay?

When it comes to Pollen Collection price, or generally how much you need to spend to acquire a landed property, you need to always consider the area and location. If it is situated in a posh and luxurious neighborhood, you could predict that it’s expensive. But, if you’re searching to buy a property in a less high-profile location, then prices could be fairly lower.

Another huge factor that affects the Pollen Collection price is the area’s average cost per square foot.


Can a Permanent Resident (PR) Buy a Landed Property in SG?


Yes, permanent residents (PR) and Singaporean citizens (SC) are legally authorized to purchase landed properties in their country.

Can Foreigners Buy Landed Property?

While citizens of Singapore could acquire landed house property freely, it’s not the same for residents of other countries. There are various restrictions for either non-Singaporean investors and citizens. If you are a foreigner who wants to purchase a landed housing property, then you’ll probably have to follow strict property policies established by the Land Dealings Approval Unit

(LDU). Furthermore, foreign applicants should submit more requirements before being authorized to acquire properties like this. Successful applicants are only enabled to acquire this kind of housing for residential purposes.

What Are the Demands of Landed Housing?

Landed home properties have grown to get more famous in current years because of a rise in population. The type of property has been basked under an increase in favor and homeowner choice due to a local government edge that allows designers and architects to have increased freedom to develop this residence. Moreover, these landed properties were enabled to keep up to four stories, increasing from the prior maximum of three stories.


What Is the Future for Landed Properties?

Landed house properties are a great real estate investment due to the current value and fame among home developers and homeowners. It’s also anticipated to undergo any economic turmoil that could influence other types of lesser-known real estate property. With the property’s demand and exclusivity among foreign investors and buyers, the prices are expected to remain invariably high and possibly surpass even greater values as time passes by.