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What is the best interior door type according to your taste and budget?

Making the best choices for interior doors is in fact an important and irreplaceable step to take to ensure a great effect and well-proportioned look. The contemporary doors are five basic types – swing, pivot, revolving door, retractable sliding doors, and hinged doors. We have already talked about how to choose interior doors and the importance of having a well-designed design in this article.

What are modern interior doors?

A door actually marks the boundary between two physical spaces, but above all embodies the announcement of something that on the other side is still unknown to us. The sensation of surprise or imminent discovery that we experience in front of a door is repeated over and over again, even if we forget to recognize it. In the past each door was handcrafted and constituted an important element of separation, so much so that it was often imposing and heavily inlaid structures. Over the centuries, the doors have been minimized and almost disappeared. Today, the choice falls on the most minimalist design possible (less invasive and evident).

The best interior hinged doors

The swing doors are the classic that we all know. Today they make them with concealed hinges, of all materials and with design handles.

The best interior Pivot doors

The pivot doors revolve around an asymmetrically placed pivot point, thus creating a temporary spatial sculpture. They are aesthetically very beautiful, albeit with higher costs.

The best interior revolving doors

The revolving doors are composed of a single leaf and move thanks to a central pivot which allows them to move and rotate at the same time. The translation movement allows you to move the door to one side, while the rotation movement allows you to enter and exit the same room by simply pushing.

The best interior Folding doors

Folding doors are solutions for small spaces. The door folds like a book, with a ratio between the parts of 50/50 or asymmetrically 2/3 and 1/3. They occupy the minimum space inside the room. The central hinges are concealed and there are also coplanar systems for door and architrave.

T he best interior Sliding door

The sliding doors allow recovering the space occupied by the opening radius of the swing door and offer a wider environment, cozy and with a greater chance of furniture.

Both retractable and external doors have a modern look and unprecedented practicality. They do not allow you to install sockets, lights and hang pictures or shelves due to the frame that occupies the surface of the door when open. Some types of sliding doors allow you to get the tax bonus of 50% during the renovation.

Interior doors: the architect’s advice

Do the doors and windows need to be the same style and color? Yes, but definitely of the same style. The same color is not mandatory, but it is strongly recommended if you want to give a minimalist look, focusing on protagonist furniture. It is always recommended to buy your interior door from the best door manufacturer online at affordable prices.