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Varieties of Bathroom Installations Preferred By House Owners

A bathroom consists of various plumbing and lighting fixtures, along with various necessary fittings, which need to be cleaned and taken care of regularly. The conditions of all these elements are considered during a bathroom renovation project. When a house owner decides to renovate his/her bathroom, the hiring of an experienced interior designer makes the job easier. This trained designer helps in choosing the best products for each bathroom installation Sunshine Coast.

Bathroom fixtures and fittings to be inspected for renovation

Bathtub – This bathroom fixture is only meant for luxurious bathrooms, as it acquires a lot of flooring space and needs a large bathroom. People have various options while choosing the shape of a bathtub and it is available in a few standard sizes only. Generally, stylish bathtubs are made of acrylic or fiberglass while enamel-coated iron or steel bathtubs are also installed for better durability.

Washbasin – Usually, a washbasin or bathroom sink has the shape of a large bowl, which is used for washing hands, face, and small objects in the bathroom. Sinks are made of ceramic, concrete, stainless steel, stone, or copper. It should be installed at a height of 2’9’’ from the floor; though this bathroom installation Sunshine Coast depends on the size and style of the sink.

Toilet – Different types of toilets are available or bathroom renovation, among which western, Squat, and Anglo-Indian are the most common varieties. A closed-coupled toilet is a single unit, comprising the bowl and a cistern. The bowl of this toilet can also be mounted on the bathroom wall, to leave more free space on the floor.

Toilet seat – Generally, toilet seats are made of the best quality thermoplastic, which should be highly durable despite undergoing wear and tear. However, some people also prefer toilet seats made of solid wood or composite wood, to render a vintage effect to their renovated bathrooms. These toilet seats can be attached with release hinges or softly closing hinges, as per the convenience of users.

Taps – A tap is an inevitable part of a washbasin or bathtub, to provide a steady water supply to these fixtures. Usually, stainless steel taps of different designs are chosen for bathroom installation Sunshine Coast while brass taps are picked up for a more stylish look in a modern bathroom.

Showerhead – Usually, a showerhead is installed at a height of 5’ – 5’9” from the floor so that users can stand beneath it for a comfortable shower. There are some standard sizes of showerheads that can be installed according to the space available for a shower cubicle.

The bathroom cabinet and mirror are some accessories that are bought for the bathroom installation Sunshine Coast.