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Vacation Rental Property Management – Know the Tips to Attract Repeat Guests

The vacation rental business in Destin, Florida is gaining huge demand in the recent years. Many homeowners are giving properties for rent anchorage ak as it is profitable. Homeowners will use various tactics to grab the attention of guests or renters. Getting repeat guests is one of the best ways to make the vacation rental business successful. For this, you have to make their experience memorable, which gives a reason for them to come again.

What you will do this season affects the bookings of the next season. Also, renters who are happy with your services will recommend your property to others. Getting repeat clients is cost-effective and helps to build an image of your vacation rental business.

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Tips to impress repeat guests

Here are a few tips to attract repeat guests to your vacation rental property, which helps in gaining good profit on your investment.

Provide sanctuary bedrooms

Fluffy pillows and crisp beddings don’t mean luxury. You can try various inexpensive ways to make your vacation rental home a comfortable and beautiful place to stay in. Offer fresh flowers to your guests to enhance their mood. Also, make sure that you provide comfortable linens and mattresses in which your renters get a cozy sleep.

Provide gift baskets

It is one of the great ways to impress your renters. They look luxurious; you can even add a postcard for an extra touch. 

A few gift basket ideas are:

  • A basket with crayons, chocolates, and coloring books
  • A basket with morning breakfast like cereal, fruits, and coffee, tea, or milk


Most vacation rental properties will ignore cleanliness, but it is the most important method that you have to follow to impress your renters. Follow the cleanliness methods, including clean toilets and bathtubs, clean and white towels and sheets, sanitization, professionally cleaned furniture, rugs, and more.

Offer pick-up & drop-ff service

By providing pick-up & dropping service, your renters will feel that you are very conscious about your guests. Also, they feel that they are obtaining special service, which helps to gain a good reputation. Providing care services is expensive, but you can tie up with a company that offers good deals and discounts to save on each ride.

Provide amenities

Even though the renters are on holiday, still they want to stay connected on social media platforms to upload photos, chat with friends or family, watch the news, and more. To create a homely feeling, set up a Wi-Fi connection, TV, and others. Make sure that the internet connection is fast to avoid disruptions.

Consider guest reviews

Reviews play a crucial role in the business these days. Vacationers will consider another listing in case they won’t find the guest reviews. Reviews of the guests will increase the bookings and inquiries of your rental property

Create personal relationship

Even though vacation rental Property Management CRM is a business, but developing a personal relationship with your renters will help you in achieving success. Making your renters know about you helps to build accessibility and trust.

Check before the arrival of guests

Don’t think everything is fine and the guests will arrive on time. Check with the guests at least 5 days before their booking date and remind them about the things they have to bring and what not. Also, ensure that they are familiar with the directions, instructions, and address of your vacation rental property. Check whether they have any requests or questions.

After the arrival of guests

Check with them via a text message or phone call to ensure that they are getting the required things and do not have any concerns or questions. By this, you can avoid minor problems or misunderstandings, which may occur when the guests checked in. Also, it shows your caring for their happiness and comfort.

After the departure of guests

The responsibility of a vacation rental property with each renter is to refund their deposit, sending an email to convey your regards for leaving the place as it is. Also, don’t forget to request them for leaving a review. Obviously, you may notice whether they are interested to return again or not. You can even provide them incentives for early booking.

Get in touch with the best renters

Encourage your previous renters to book again; think about the possible ways to reach them like a card or an email occasionally will help in getting in touch with the previous renters.

Whom do you have to contact?

Check the previous reservation list and choose the guests who booked in your rental property. You might have remembered the best renters. Also, check the reviews of the travelers and contact them to rebook.

What are the updates you have to give to your previous guests?

The following are a few types of updates that help you in communicating with the guests. They include:

  • Property updates

An email once in a while for your renters regarding your rental property and conveying your good wishes can help to get repeat bookings. Choose cards that encourage your renters to book again. Don’t forget to add your property link to create easy accessibility.

  • The latest attractions or events in Destin, Florida

The place you live in may host various events. Destin is one of the best places that offer a range of events to travelers, including arts festivals, seasonal events, food festivals, and more. Send an email regarding them to your previous renters to make them aware of the special occasions.

  • Send rebooking request

The best time to request for repeat booking is during a similar time when they have booked earlier. You can even offer a discount or incentive of 10% (less or more) to attract them.

Destin Florida is a beautiful place for vacation or to live in. So, plan your next vacation to Destin to enjoy the beautiful nature and events.