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The SIX most common dental problems you should know

There are many problems related to teeth that can occur throughout life depending on the characteristics of each person, the type of diet, whether or not they smoke, genetic conditioning factors, how they develop oral hygiene, and many other factors. However, it is always advisable to go to the best dentist of Idaho Falls every six months for a routine check-up. You know that good dental habits can help prevent problems like cavities and gingivitis, but you may not know what these diseases look like or how they can affect your mouth. Use this guide to learn more about common dental health problems.


It can be caused by poor oral hygiene and in 10% of cases it is associated with other dental pathologies, such as periodontitis. Its treatment is the removal of tartar and accumulated bacterial plaque by cleaning the mouth and, if necessary, a curettage.


It can be caused by many causes, from those of genetic origin, poor tooth development during pregnancy, bad habits during childhood (such as putting the finger in the mouth), etc.

Periodontal disease

It is usually caused by poor dental hygiene, although there are other factors that favor its appearance, such as tobacco. Initial symptoms are usually swollen and red gums, as well as bleeding and pain when brushing. In this case, it is gingivitis and it is reversible if the treatment indicated by the dentist is followed. However, it can progress and transform into periodontitis, which leads to the receding gums and the loss of the supporting tissues of the teeth. It has treatment, but the periodontal tissue that has been lost is not recovered and the disease can become chronic and even require surgery.

Tooth decay

It is the most common dental problem and can occur at any age, generally as a result of poor oral hygiene, a diet rich in carbohydrates, smoking and not complying with regular check-ups at the best dentist in Idaho Falls. They can affect the upper part of the crown of molars and premolars, the side of any tooth, the area below the gum line and even the root. Generally, the treatment is conservative, through the practice of a root canal, but the extraction of the affected tooth may be necessary.

Oral cancer

Did you know that almost 35,000 new oral cancer cases worldwide have been registered each year? This list also includes throat cancer, tonsils cancer and tongue cancer. Tobacco use, alcohol abuse, and HPV increase the risk of developing these cancers. During regular checkups, your dentist will examine your mouth for symptoms such as red or white patches, sores that don’t heal, and rough, scaly spots. If the dentist finds anything suspicious, he/she will order additional tests, or refer you to a specialist.


It is usually caused by stress and sometimes by genetic factors. Its clearest symptom is grinding of teeth (usually while sleeping), causing tooth wear and headaches. It is treated with the placement of a splint that separates both dental arches while sleeping.

There are various types of dental problems. Only a professional dentist is able to guide you.