Ten Decor Ideas That Interior Designers Avoid

Only best interior designers in Bangalore  can spot these errors with a naked eye. If you plan a renovation of your apartment or a specific room without experts’ help, it is worth taking into account these most common mistakes:

Over decorating

It is essential for interior decorators in Bangalore   to have visual breaks in the rooms to create quiet moments. Having many different materials can be overwhelming to look at. Minimalism of materials will give you an eternal design.

Lack of personality

Often people seem to be afraid of taking risks. There are several decisions to be made hence they opt to pick on the safe ones. Perhaps the houses look very lovely and perfect, but they also look rigid and without personality. It’s good to try new things, like painting a wall a different color or hanging a traditional scratch box.

Having a single point of light

When it comes to lighting, modular kitchen Bangalore  believe that hanging a single ceiling lamp gives us that global ambient light. To adequately illuminate a room, we must do it in layers and at different heights. 

Depending on what you are doing, the light you need in the same area is very different. We must also always decide on soft and warm lights to create a good atmosphere.

Curtains too low

They usually leave a large margin for curtains. But the correct thing to do is install them as close to the ceiling as possible so that the ceiling looks higher.

Small furniture

People think that if they have a small space, they should buy small furniture. And it is the opposite. The volume will fool the eye and fill the area, making it more meaningful.

Zero functionality

The decor may be gorgeous, but it may not be functional. Beauty and measurement can be frustrating when, for example, there isn’t even a place to put a drink because everything is untouchable. Make care that the furniture, distribution, and accessories are functional.

Buy everything in one place.

The biggest mistake is buying everything from the same showroom or a collection. This makes the whole set lack creativity and being uninspired as there are chances of it bringing in uniformity or being monochromatic. Take time to search for antiques or more artisan companies to add to the mix.

Mini rugs

If your living room or bedroom has a postcard-sized rug, it’s time to get rid of it. Putting a smaller size rug makes the space smaller and unbalanced. If you measure one for your living room, make sure there are only six to 12 inches left from the wall to the carpet.

Too stiff

Being afraid of breaking design “rules” can be deadly. At times “mistakes” result in creating the best moments in the room. Decide what you want to feel in the space and let the design highlight that idea.

Not using mirrors

Mirrors are significantly undervalued. Utilizing them would enhance the size of the room. One can pick the right size and shape that not only enlarges the space but also brightens up the area with the reflected light.

Thus, this is a short but concise list to keep in mind when redecorating a space or a new home as if you were a professional.