6 of the Top Outdoor Furniture Options for UAE Residents

Outdoors, gardens, backyards and lawns are the important parts of home. In the covid-19 lockdowns, we spent most of the outdoor time in these places. It means that these are big blessings to have some fresh air, sunlight and nature’s feeling. gives outstanding chances to improve the outdoor facilities with Ace coupon code. Are you looking for outdoor furniture? We have the biggest choices for the homeowners looking for outdoor furniture by one of the popular brands such as Woodland.

Woodland Acacia Single Sofa:

No doubt, this single sofa is suitable for one person but it is an ideal furniture option for the backyard. Homeowners who have a specific choice should select the acacia wood sofa. This wood is one of the finest options in this category. Acacia wood is durable and solid. It offers long-term utilization without any deterioration. On the other hand, acacia wood is best for outdoor environments.

Woodland Wooden Coffee Table:

This is a generic model with amazing benefits. It is durable as well as beautiful. Placing a coffee table or tea table in the middle of lawn is a running trend. Most people who have big villas and bungalows in UAE always prefer to order the woodland wooden coffee table with Ace coupon code. Remember, this table is best for the outdoor environment and it can tolerate the external conditions.

Woodland Wooden Side Table:

Do you have a bed in the balcony? Or you spend most of time on the terrace viewing the beautiful scenes? In both situations, keeping the side tables is necessary. Side tables are important to place most of the portable stuffs such as mobile phones, water glasses, bottles and others. Fortunately, the woodland wooden side table is a generic version and it is suitable in open places. It can withstand the harsh environmental conditions such as extreme heat, rainfall and even the snowfall. We recommend this side table in the balcony, terrace, lawns and backyards.

Cocoon Steel Sofa Day-Bed:

Would you like to have double benefits in one product? Get the cocoon steel sofa day-bed. It is a sofa as well as a bed for a comfortable sleep. Place it anywhere in the home especially in the outdoor settings. This sofa day-bed is idea for the backyards, pool sides, lawns and even in the TV lounge with some open space. Prefer the matching sofa sets. This day-bed is available with generic cushions. The dimension of this day-bed sofa is 150 x 80 x 85 cm.

Cocoon Steel Wicker Chair:

It also comes with cushions. Presence of generic cushion makes this chair ideal for outdoor settings. Redeem Ace coupon code in order to complete the lawn furniture setting with the help of this chair.

Fitt Jatoba Wood Sofa:

This is a wonderful 3-seater wooden sofa with tramontina cushions. Using this sofa would be idea if you have a big family. This sofa is not only suitable for the outdoor but also great for the indoor places such as TV lounge.