If You Could Build Your Dream Home, What Would You Build?

Curve wooden stairs in spacious living room

Home buyers talk about finding their dream homes. Architects talk about designing them. HGTV even builds and gives away a dream home every year. They have been doing so since 1997. Unfortunately, what their designers come up with every year may not be your idea of a dream. If you could build it yourself, what would your dream home be?

Dreams are interesting things. By their very nature, they tend to focus exclusively on the positive. This often leads to our dreams being overly optimistic. We don’t weigh the bad with the good, so the good becomes unreachable. That’s just the way life works.

That notwithstanding, everyone needs a dream now and then. Dreams are the stuff on which greatness is built. So give yourself permission to dream about the perfect home as you read the remainder of this post. Dream big. Imagine what you would build if money were no object and there were no negative consequences to deal with.

  • Would size be a factor?

For some people, size is a big part of what makes a dream home perfect. There are those who would build as large as possible. For them, big is beautiful. Every square foot of space added to the design only makes a dream home dreamier. On the other hand, there are people whose dream homes would be quite small. They are not into big spaces filled with stuff. They like cozy, compact, and simple.

  • How many bedrooms would it have?

Bedrooms are a big deal when you’re shopping for a home, right? Of course they are. You want every member of the family to have their own space. But building a dream home, you could also create space for guests. Would you? Would you add extra bedrooms to accommodate the family members and friends you assume will be falling all over themselves to visit your home?

It is you and your spouse along with your three kids. So right off the bat, you are thinking five bedrooms. Maybe you’ll add two more to accommodate your brother’s family. If his family and your parents visit simultaneously, the kids can always bunk with yours for the week.

  • What would the kitchen look like?

Real estate experts claim the kitchen is the most important room in the house. Whether or not you agree, what would the kitchen in your dream home look like? Maybe you are a big fan of the commercial look, decked out with as much stainless steel as you can get your hands on. Perhaps you prefer a more traditional looking kitchen with fine wood cabinetry and a butcher block island.

  • Would your home be energy-efficient?

When we think of dream homes, we often think about the things we can see. We think about what a home looks and feels like. But under the hood, there are other things to think about. For example, would your dream home be energy-efficient?

Maybe you would pick Sparano + Mooney to design a mountain retreat in Park City, Utah. They could visualize your home around passive design principles, creating a very energy-efficient house that minimizes mechanical heating and cooling. If you want, you can put solar panels on the roof and a wind turbine in the backyard.

Your dream home would likely include a ton of amenities as well. Maybe you would want a swimming pool and a fully equipped gym. Perhaps a home theater is more to your liking. At any rate, your home can be anything you want it to be in your dreams. That is what makes dreams so fantastic.