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How to Improve Soil Quality for Gardening?

There are a lot of things that are being suggested by a lot of people to make the soil healthy for gardening. To exemplify, they suggest mixing some silly stuff such as anionic polyacrylamide in the soil to make improvements in the absorption as well as retention. But we do have a simple solution and that is to add some organic matter and it is easy to do so. It is not rocket science and there are many simple ways to do the same.

It is good, to begin with, compost. Simply, it is an organic matter that can get decayed through aerobic decomposition. Anyone can make a composting device or any such structure and put it in the right work by adding up some food scraps with landscaping leftovers that allow it to decay in-depth to make the soil rich & dark. You can get an idea from the compositing websites as available online and they will show you the entire procedure of how to do it correctly.

In a permaculture design, we often demotivate compost in favor of some other less intensive and more effective methods for improving soil quality. When the process of composting is going-on, then it reduces the nutrients in the organics and also, enabling them to reach out in the air or can get leached out. Just take an example of green clipping as when you pour it in a compost pile, then they are green. But the green color is necessarily nitrogen. After a few days, the green clipping takes the brown color.

This is the way to make the soil healthy and improve its quality or enjoying gardening.

Some other ways to improve soil quality:

  • Use Aerate
  • Add Compost
  • Try raised beds
  • Ignore tilling
  • Use Mulch
  • Plant perennials.