How to find reliable movers from Boston to New York?

When the time to move to NYC comes and you have no idea how to move you will have to find someone reliable who can handle this difficult task.

Moving Long Distance is more difficult than local moving. Packing should be more professional, you need to have extra insurance for unexpected situations, and of course, experienced movers how can do it.

When you start looking for a moving company to move you, don’t forget that most of the local movers can help you, and it will be cheaper, especially when moving from Boston to New York.

Don’t forget to answer about company background, their experience in moving, how long they are in business and insurance.

Many buildings in New York require a certificate of insurance to move in with different coverage, make sure the company you hire can provide you such a document with coverage required by the building.

Reviews are one of the ways you can use to understand if your movers from Boston to New York are really reliable and can take care of your move according to other customers of this company.

The distance between Boston and New York is around 200 miles and it takes around 4 hours of straight driving to get there, but there is always traffic on the way and sometimes it can take up to 7 hours! That’s why moving from Boston to NY takes 2 days, one day movers pick up your belongings, and at night the next day they start driving to avoid al the traffic, so you can expect movers right in the morning.

The average rate for moving one-bedroom apartment is around $1250. This rate usually includes all other charges such as labor, truck, gas, tolls, wrapping materials and etc. No additional fees.