5 Surprising Items Your Moving Company Won’t Move

It is a no-brainer. It is in its name. A moving company in Singapore should help you move out all of your belongings, transport them, and move them into your new place.

But did you know that there are circumstances where your house movers in Singapore will never move a muscle to carry some of your belongings? It doesn’t make sense, does it?

It will make sense if you know the items your relocation service in Singapore won’t move for you.

1. Hazardous chemicals and materials

If you wish to bring your pain, thinners, chemical fertilisers, insecticides, and fuel, you should do it yourself because your local movers minneapolis mn won’t load them on their trucks.

Firstly, these prohibited materials and chemicals are flammable and combustible. You have the discretion to transport them using your car.

2. Perishable food

Your movers will not transport your raw and cooked meals, bread, fruits, and vegetables. Not only would they spoil inside the truck, but they also attract pests.

A few exceptions are canned and tightly sealed jar goods, unopened boxes of beverages, and dried and dehydrated food.

3. Valuables

Valuables, such as cash, sensitive documents, jewellery, gadgets, and auctioned vintage collections and artworks are not allowed in the van.

Your relocation service in Singapore may advise you to transport them yourself.

4. Plants

Many house and office movers in Singapore decline requests to transport plants. Their trucks do not provide a suitable environment for your plants to thrive.

Additionally, many locations have strict policies regarding bringing plants from one place to another to prevent plant disease from spreading to the local flora.

5. Medical equipment

For health and emergency reasons, your movers will appreciate it if you bring with you your needed medical equipment, such as nebulisers, oxygen tanks, and more.

It is essential for you to read the policy of your moving company in Singapore to avoid unnecessary inconvenience during your move.Are you looking for house movers in Singapore? Let Yi Yun Movers do the job! Visit Yi Yun Movers today.