How to choose the best pedicure equipment for your salon?

Deciding on buying the best salon pedicure chair and stool set is not just about picking out a fancy-looking style and colour for your salon. You must select spa chairs and pedicure stools that would complement your salon’s service as well as it can maximize your customer’s comfort. 

As customers are different with diverse tastes and preferences, you must invest in a variety of spa chairs and stools that can cater to various types of customer needs. This way, you can extend your customer base by providing the service as per their preferences. Below are some tips for you to look at for choosing the right spa furniture that would suit your salon and your budget. 

  • Consider the quality of your pedicure set

It’s important for you to invest in high-quality pedicure furniture if your purpose is to provide comfort to your customers, and they should be long-lasting to provide you service your money’s worth. During the buying process, consider looking for a reputable and well-known brand that manufactures excellent quality pedicure spa chairs and pedicure stools. Reputable manufacturers have knowledgeable staff. Since well-known brands are expensive, you must know about all the details of the furniture from the staff to make an informed decision. 

  • Give importance to comfort

You need pedicure furniture to be comfortable while performing on pedicure service. Spa equipment such as chairs and pedicure stools, so you can bring your customer to the right posture to perform pedicures effortlessly without any error. The pedicure stools enable your customer to sit in a low or high position, whichever is suitable for you to easily choose the right posture for a pedicure. 

They come with various luxury features to provide comfort to your customers. Thus, first, understand what comfort your potential client requires in your spa service to determine what you need in your pedicure furniture. Moreover, go for chairs and stools that are adjustable and move with remote control, and some products also come with comfortable designs such as padded cushioning to help your customers and yourself reduce physical stress. 

  • Design and cost of the pedicure spas

Of course, luxury pedicure furniture comes with a higher design aspect. However, you can still afford to achieve a modern style while staying within your budget if you consider changing the colours to match your salon’s look. Some companies have multiple options for base and chair colours to create a unique style that would be perfect for your salon design.  

In case you are offering pedicure as an add-on service, then it would be more cost-effective for you to invest in a footsie pedicure spa or buying convertible, portable pedicure furniture. Check out all the features of your pedicure stools and chairs, as well as other accessories that can be integrated with them. Additionally, know about the warranty on the pedicure furniture, which is essential for you to understand the quality of the products. 

If you are considering the idea of availing of pedicure service in your salon, then go over the above tips to choose the best spa equipment that would be available in your budget. It would be an incredible way to increase revenue, as more and more customers seek for salon service to receive pedicure treatment. Consider checking out the products of Esthetica Spa & Salon Furniture. They avail a wide range of collections for pedicure chairs and stools.