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Differentiate Between Scandinavian, Modern, and Contemporary Style and Match Interior For Your Home

Most people believe that the modern, contemporary, and Scandinavian are the same thing. However, the words modern, Scandinavian and contemporary, related to three separate design styles for house designers and interior decorators. While there are some similarities between these three decorating styles, there are also significant distinctions. Contemporary and Scandinavian interior styles emerged during the same period. The two styles are extremely similar since designers from all around the world inspire each other, but they are not the same.

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When you have various options to choose from, it becomes extremely confusing. We have done some research and differentiated the three design styles to make choices easier –

Scandinavian Style 

Scandinavian design may be summed up in three words: functionality, beauty, and simplicity. It originated in the five Nordic countries of Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Iceland in the 1930s and peaked in the 1950s. Through simple forms, a group of designers that founded the movement inspired the physical virtues of sturdiness, consistency, and usefulness, as well as simplicity, joy, and courage. In Scandinavian style, natural elements are mostly used like wool, hemp, and leather. It improves the quality of daily life with nature-inspired pieces. 

Modern Style

Mid-century modern style is referred to as the style from the mid-twentieth century, about 1933 to 1965. This word is frequently used to describe architecture and design from the mid-1950s. These designs were introduced during the late 19th Century Industrial Revolution and the post-WWI period. During this era, all furniture was about metal carving, wood construction, and fiberglass. Lamps had clean smooth lines with curvy or round angles. Most lamp pieces were made of metal. 

Contemporary Style

In layman language, contemporary is called the modern design. However, the fact is that modern design was introduced during the mid-1990s. With passing years, contemporary designs evolve.  Contemporary designs during 2000 are now considered retro designs. Contemporary designs keep changing with new ideas, resource availability, and inventory. 

When to Choose Modern, Contemporary, and Scandinavian Style?

Modern style is perfect for homeowners who appreciate the aesthetics of that century, with warm and natural hues, because it concentrates on design elements common to the years 1900 to 1950. It’s also ideal for someone who likes to focus on a single design concept.

The contemporary design style is best suited for homeowners who prefer to keep up with current décor trends and who are willing to adapt to changing styles and demands. Contemporary style is for those who value form and decoration over pleasure. 

All styles have their distinct characteristics influenced by the culture of that era. With alternating themes colour variants and patterns, a homeowner can change the interior of the house and give it any style.