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Did You Know How CCTV Drain Survey Works And The Analysis It Offer?

If you are encountering concerns and troubles related to the sewer system, then undergoing a CCTV drain survey is one of the perfect ways to have the root cause of the issue diagnosed. A drainage engineer uses a remote-operated and a waterproof camera to understand the ongoing problem and thereafter tries to find out the best possible solution to it.

Here’s How a CCTC Drain Survey Takes Place

  • First, you would be required to get in touch with a drain survey service provider, so they can get the survey arranged.
  • Your drainage professional would come to you at the scheduled time and will have your drainage issue discussed with you, before taking up the required survey tool.
  • The technician would then avail access to your sewer and would install the cameras, using the best equipment for your drainage system.
  • The camera would offer a quick-view of your sewer. This is a report to the technician who can have the condition observed of your drains. Any kind of relating damage can be diagnosed during this part.
  • The technician will have the analysis of the survey told to you, along with their suggestions cleaning, repair or replacement is needed. Based on the report, you might wish for a quick solution. Or you might choose to get a follow up arranged in the future.

What Can You Expect From the Survey Findings?

You might have understood what and how the drain survey works. So now you might be thinking of what all to expect from the reports of the drain survey. Drain surveys are made to give you a detailed review of the drainage system. The CCTV drain survey can aid you to identify both small and big problems alike. Drain surveys identify and locate all types of problems, starting from structural damage to fatbergs. Few other issues that get highlighted by a CCTV drain survey are:

  • Collapsing Of Sewers
  • Blockages
  • Reasons Behind Pipe Bursts And Leaks.
  • Wear And Tear Followed By Corrosion
  • Intrusion Of Animals
  • Poor Quality Installation

CCTV drain surveys are the best way to have the root cause of your drainage concerns located and diagnosed and helping you to make the best decision on its related solution.

A drain survey also has several advantages to it, but probably the most important one is that it lets you address the current problem and plan beforehand to avoid future concerns. In the long run, this would help you save lots of money.