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Common Commercial Plumbing Problems

The commercial and residential plumbing problems are similar in some ways. But some of the problems you have with commercial plumbing are not present in residential buildings. Knowing about the common commercial plumbing problems can be helpful.

Toilet and drain clogs

Clogs can happen in commercial buildings as well. However, you cannot fix these problems in commercial buildings the same way you will do it for residential buildings. As people take better care of their homes, these problems are much less severe in residential buildings. In commercial buildings, more people use the toilet and enter the building, so there is a high chance that the clogging problem can be severe. As it is difficult to tell who is responsible for it, it can be difficult to hold anyone accountable. If you find slow drainage at the moment then it won’t be long when you will find clogged drains. You must call commercial plumbing El Cajon to solve the problem. They will take the necessary steps to clear the clog.

Broken fixtures

You will often find that the toilet fixtures in the commercial properties in bad shape or broken. Many people use the toilet and it creates pressure on the fixtures. There can be a problem with the flush which can be very difficult to handle. You must call the commercial plumbing El Cajon to solve the problem.

Running toilets

You should make sure that the toilet doesn’t continuously fill the water. If you notice that the toilet flushes at random intervals then there is a big problem and you might soon experience running toilets. So, get it fixed immediately by the commercial plumbing El Cajon instead of relying on DIY methods.

Leaking faucets

Though leaky faucet may not be a big issue upfront over time it adds up. You will notice that your water bill is increasing. You should replace the faucet with a new one or fix the old one so that you don’t have to see any more dripping water and pay higher water bills.

Bad odors

If you notice that the kitchen and bathroom areas of the commercial building are giving off foul odors then you must get the area inspected by the commercial plumbing El Cajon professionals. This can happen due to blockage caused by debris in the drain or pipes.

These common commercial plumbing problems can be fixed by professionals. You shouldn’t try to solve the problem with DIY methods, as the problem may arise again.