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Buying guide for oriental rugs

This type of rug is usually made up of heavy textiles and used for symbolic purposes. Oriental countries which are mostly termed as “Rug Belt” are the major producers of these rugs. They are used both for local and export purposes. Pile woven or flat woven without piles are the two types that are made up of wool, silk, and cotton. Available in different sizes and shapes, examples are room-sized carpets, floor covering, carrier bags, and decoration for animals, Islamic prayer rugs, and Jewish Torah ark covers. In many parts of the world like Europe and North America, it persisted as an integral part of their culture and civilization.

Oriental rugs are mostly handmade and knotted in private houses. Increasing globalization has changed the culture and presently fewer people take interest in the weaving of these rugs. Its production basically can be divided into five phases. The first and basic one is its material which includes sheep’s wool, cotton, and silk. Sometimes, a combination of these materials makes a new rug. The second step is coloring of material which is carried out with natural and vegetable colors. Artificial and mineral coloring are also prevailing nowadays. The third step is sketching of design. Pencil and paper design is still in use. Knotting is the second last step, which may differ in type and density depending on its origin. In ancient times, it used to be done from memory. Finally, a rug is entered into its final stage of production which is called the polishing and drying. After this whole process, the Oriental rug is brought to the market for sale. Buying of Oriental rug is a technical decision for a customer. Below are some guidelines which may ease the job in finding a worthy oriental rug.


 There are various geometric patterns in oriental rugs like diamond-shaped patterns, floral patterns, or a combination of both these two. A customer can pick any one of them according to his own desire.

Size & Shape:

Mapping out the outlines of the given space to be covered with a rug with the tape is best to peruse. It is helpful in buying a best fitted oriental rug. During the measuring, one should keep in mind the positioning of furniture. For instance, prior to buying a rug for the living room, decide the position of legs of a sofa or couch, whether they should be on the rug or off the rug. Similarly, in the case of buying a rug for the dining room, a person should keep in mind the size of the floor so that to cover all the space occupied by the dining table and chairs.

Knot Density:

Higher the number of knots, the better will be the quality of the rug. It has also been witnessed that knots with greater numbers have high diversity in design and good definition in pattern and vice versa.


It is unclear to say whether natural or synthetic dying is better. Dying is a crucial part of the quality of the rug. Natural colors have minimum variations and are temporary in nature. On the other hand, synthetic dyes are supposed to be durable and richer in color. Presently, synthetic coloring is more usable than natural ones.

Pile Height:

The impact of pile height puts on the definition of the pattern of the rug. Longer the pile, worse will the definition of pattern and will look “blurrier” because of these thick and long piles. For having soft and silky piles, Mori collection is recommended.


People of this modern era wish to have the latest design of these rugs in their residential and commercial era. It should be perfect in condition and unused.


Unlike purchasing electronic devices like smartphones, watches, TV and refrigerator, etc., where we want to pour less money due to frequent replacement over a short period of time, purchasing to oriental rugs must be a little expensive and of high quality. The said practice can’t be repeated in the short term again and again. Therefore it has to be evergreen, even if it is a bit expensive.

The above guidelines are important considerations in buying oriental rugs. Pursuing of said consideration may lead to a result in achieving durable, stylish, and good quality Oriental rug. These considerations must be in the focus of every individual while buying these rugs.