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Best Dormitories Now Available in Ankara

There is no shortage of options when it comes to student housing. Each stands out in terms of services, prices and the level of comfort offered. Access to these homes is largely based on their availability but also on the residents’ budget. We focus in this section on student, university dormitories.

The geographical location is the most important criterion for a student looking for accommodation. Student dormitories are generally located not far from universities, preparatory schools, business schools and other institutions providing higher education, in areas popular with students.

Besides the geographical location, the presence of an efficient public transport network is one of the decisive criteria for the students. The majority of student dormitories benefit from very good public transport coverage.

Best Dormitories in Ankara

The Ankara yurtlar or dormitories for students have the best arrangements that cater to their requirement specifically. All kinds of services are available here that includes cooking as well. This is means that the students will not have to cook themselves. They can have two meals during the morning time and in the evening time from the dormitory authorizes. Moreover, this service is absolutely free. Other than that some of the dormitories are there where the students can make use of the kitchens as well if they wish to. Without depending on the dormitory made meals, they can cook as per their wish.

Best Cultural Receprocation

The dormitory culture happens to be a very enriching experience for the students, as here they can mix with the other students and get to know about each other and their backgrounds. The process is enriching for the students’ experience. They will be able to make the expansion of their social circle right there. The students who are still adjusting to the new areas, the dormitories are the best options for them.

All around the dormitories, cleaning is done perfectly without a fault. There are routine sweep and cleanings made in the dormitory rooms according to the schedules. Other than that, the laundry system is also there for the washing of the clothes.

Persons can also choose the room capacities as per their requirement. There are rooms where a single person can stay, then there are rooms where 2 or 3 or more people can stay. It all depends on the preference.


Some would say that life in a student dormitory involves repulsive constraints for young people who love freedom. Some would also say that their privacy and control over their privacy is violated in this type of accommodation. For others, the impossibility of transforming places considered too sober and access to limited equipment is highly disturbing.

But for the majority of students, living in a student dormitory has real advantages. First of all, in terms of cost, young people have access to affordable housing, adapted to their budget. Then, the proximity of the building to their place of study saves them many worries and additional costs. They also benefit from a friendly environment and an atmosphere of sharing. What is more, they live in a place where everything is done to ensure their safety.