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Benefits of Installing Exterior Wood Cladding Panels in Your Building

Exterior wood cladding panels can transform your building and give the exterior of your house or office a beautiful and natural finish. Despite being able to add allure to your house or office, wooden cladding can be more beneficial than that. Wooden cladding provides a unique combination of aesthetic, environmental, and practical advantages.

Practical and Aesthetic advantages include:

  • Natural Beauty: The natural beauty of wooden cladding is the foremost benefit of exterior wood cladding panels. The reason why many people have switched to wooden cladding is its natural beauty. Wooden can blend into their natural surroundings and gives a warm feel. Exterior wood cladding panels allow you to create a seamless transition between buildings and woodland. Exterior wooden cladding also gives a very calming, natural feel to buildings in even if they are in an urbanized area.
  • Durability: Wooden cladding panels are strong yet lightweight material. Additionally, the performance of a low durability wooden material can easily be enhanced by preservative treatment, wood modification, flame-retardants. Plus some surface finishes can be applied to add to the appearance and give extra protection.
  • Variety of choice: Wide choice of different kinds of softwoods, hardwoods, and some modified woods are there to suit every need and budget. Also, there is a wide availability of styles, textures, and finishes that can encourage design and innovation.
  • Ease of installation: wooden installation is a dry installation, which practically means that it is quicker to install. Another plus point of an Exterior wood cladding panel is that it can be installed in both new build and renovation projects, as well as, It is easy to repair. It is quick and easy to transport, maneuver, and install.
  • Cost-effective: As compared to other building materials, it comes in at a cheaper price. Wooden cladding is a great choice for those on a budget.
  • Naturally-insulating: Wooden cladding has a cellular structure that contains air pockets in it. Wooden cladding is known to insulate fifteen times better than masonry, four hundred times better than steel material, and Seven hundred seventy times better than aluminum material making exterior wood cladding panels an outstanding thermal insulator.
  • Sound-Insulation: Additionally, wooden cladding is a great sound insulator, keeps all that noise out giving you a warm and cozy environment

Environmental advantages of wooden cladding include:

Despite giving your home a natural beauty, wooden cladding is also the most eco-friendly choice of material that one can make for giving their houses or offices a new look. It is the greenest building choice that you can make. There is always an opportunity to plant new trees for every tree used for making wooden cladding.

Wooden cladding stores carbon from the atmosphere, which helps fighting global warming. Additionally, it has a low carbon footprint, as it requires less energy to produce itself than any other kind of construction material. It is 100% reusable at end of its life. Most of the timber wood merchants and supplier source their timber wood from FSC and PEFC-certified suppliers; which is like a guarantee that the timber supplied is 100% renewable and harvested sustainably.