A Perfect Guide for Building Permit In Ontario

While there are numerous aspects to remodelling that can appear daunting, knowing building permit Ontario can raise many questions for any homeowner. The Renovation Advisors, experts in renovation projects, have compiled a list of the most critical questions you should ask yourself before applying for a building permit in Ontario.

Is a permit required for my renovation project?

Most renovation projects in Ontario require a permit of some sort, according to the Ontario Building Code. Permits are necessary because they ensure that any building is carried out by the OBC and municipal bylaws governing urban/commercial planning and development.

Contact your city planning office if you’re unsure what permission or documentation you’ll need for construction law, and they’ll be able to walk you through the application process. Checklists are available in some towns to discover what ordinances your project may be required to follow. It’s a binding document to present when asking for a permit in Markham; thus, it helps you make sure you’re applying for the proper permissions. 

What is the cost of a building permit?

Building permit fees differ from one municipality to the next and from one project to the next. Some charge a set amount for the entire project, while others charge a rate per square meter of construction space. Below are the costs of four popular types of licenses in five cities in the Greater Toronto Area to give you an idea. Additional expenses can be charged per project for city damage deposits, demolition, environmental effect, inspections, plan certifications, and other items.

What is the policy for getting a building permit?

Because most of the laws, limits, and rules governing urban planning under the Ontario Building Code are enforced by municipalities, you must apply for a building permit through your city’s Planning Office. Many large towns in the GTA accept electronic applications, allowing you to send all of the required forms, drawings, papers, reports, specifications, calculations, and plans for your permit application via email or a secure portal.

Specific projects, or possibly all projects in some towns, will need you to submit your application paperwork in person to the Planning Office.

What is the average time is taken to receive a building permit?

From the time you apply for a building permit until you can start working on your project, the time it takes to receive one varies substantially. The overall approval process varies from one municipality to the next, but the type of project has the most impact on the timeline. The bylaws that must be followed and the documents required to establish that all regulations are being followed are all influenced by the type and scale of the project, and all of this affects the time it takes for your city to approve your application request.


It can be pretty tempting to skip the building permit Ontario procedure and hide the work you’re doing, especially if you’re working inside your home and don’t want anyone to see you. While you may be able to escape from it, such shortcuts are likely to cost you a lot of money in the long run. Hence, make sure of the above steps in mind, and then take the right action, as getting the right building permit is indeed the need of the hour.