A homeowner’s basic guide to ceramic tiles

There are not many options as versatile as the ceramic tile. Best known for beautiful designs and durability, there are a whole range of options in ceramic tiles. Typically, ceramic tiles consist of clay with other materials, which are placed in an oven and fired. The finishing usually has some kind of glazing work done, which adds to the shine and appeal. Today, you can find wall and céramique murale tiles used in various residential projects, for almost every other room. So, should you consider ceramic tiles for your home? Here are some basic details at a glance. 

Where to use ceramic tiles?

Ideally, ceramic tiles are best suited for walls and flooring needs, especially in kitchen and bathrooms. These areas often have to withstand factors like moisture and need durable materials, which is why ceramic tiling works wonders. You can use ceramic tiles for the flooring in general, for walls and backsplashes, and also for countertops. 

What are the advantages?

Firstly, ceramic tiles are extremely durable and last for hundreds of years. In many old historic buildings, you can still find stunning designs of these tiles. Secondly, these tiles are actually very versatile and have diverse applications. If you want to reimagine all the important segments of your home in one look, ceramic tiles could be a great choice both for the floors and walls. Installation is also super easy, and while you can install ceramic tiles on your own, we strongly suggest that you get a professional to do the job. Although ceramic tiles are not very expensive, the cost depends on the design and other factors, like materials used. 

Are there any disadvantages?

Since ceramic tiles are made to order, there can be some variations in sizing and colors between lots. You have to ensure that you are ordering your tiles from a supplier you can trust. 

Other things to know

There is no denying that ceramic tiles can transform your modern home in the way you want, and you can always consider working with an interior expert to choose between designs and styles. Also, find a reliable supplier who has a wide range of finishes, colors, and themes to choose from. Get an estimate for your ceramic tile order in advance, and do not forget to include the installation cost in your budget. 

Used effectively, ceramic tiles are effective, stunning, and definitely worth the money spent.