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5 Factors to Consider When Buying Used Refrigerators

Are you shopping for a refrigerator on a minimal budget? Well, a used refrigerator will meet your needs.

Used refrigerators have a lot to offer. First, it helps you save on cost. The trick is to buy pre-used fridges on sale for reasons other than functionality.

Find the perfect fridge for your purposes by considering these tips.

  1. Check Your Space

Make sure the fridge will fit in your house before making the purchase. Take your time and measure the length, width, and depth where you want the unit to stand.

If possible, redo the measurements to be sure. Remember, pre-used appliances are not returnable after the sale.

Make sure there’s at least an inch clearance on the top and each side.

  1. Your Tastes and Preferences

Yes, you’re buying a perused refrigerator. But what features and specificities do you want it to have?

For instance, are you looking for a single-door or double-door refrigerator? Maybe you want a standalone fridge or a refrigerator with an in-built freezer.

Other factors to consider include the capacity of the fridge, brand, and color.

  1. Determine Your Price

Pre-used refrigerators sell at different prices. The price is dependent on the age, model, and brand of the fridge.

When determining your price range, ask yourself, what can you comfortably afford? Once you set your price, look for brands, and models within this price range.

Research Refrigerator Models

Take your time to review different fridge models in the market. It’s worth noting that some manufacturers will produce reliable and durable fridges than others.

So, check what sort of operating costs, repairs, and experiences from different fridge owners. Here, the brand name reputation matters.

  1. Ask The Right Questions

Make a list of questions to ask the seller of the fridge you intend to buy. Gauge the responses you get to assess whether the appliance will meet your needs or not.

You can ask these questions by phone, text, message, or email before making an appointment with the seller.

Consider asking these questions.

  • Why are you selling your refrigerator?
  • Are you the original owner?
  • How long have you stayed with this fridge?
  • Is the refrigerator complete or some parts are missing?
  1. Inspect The Refrigerator

After narrowing down your search to few units, it’s time to inspect the unit. Have your friend, relative, or colleague give a second opinion.

Here’s what to look for:

  • The age: old refrigerators are known for their quality craftsmanship. Unfortunately, they’re not energy efficient.
  • The coldness: check the internal temperature of this refrigerator. To keep your food cold, you’ll need a temperature of 0-38 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The smell: does the fridge gave a repugnant odor smell? Then don’t buy it.
  • The door seal: the door seal should be tight so as not to lose cold air.


Congratulations, you’ve bought your fridge. It’s now time to get it to your house. Keep the appliance in a vertical position during transportation to avoid ruining the compressor.