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21 Things You Can Do To Stop Kitchen Pests In 2021

Kitchen pets can become the bane of your existence. From rodents, to cockroaches and flies, there’s nothing worse than a kitchen riddled with pests. But what can you do about these pests? To help you out here are 21 great ideas for fighting pests in 2021.

How to stop kitchen pests in the coming year

  1. Get a dustbin that closes

Most people have open dustbins. The problem is that this allows pests to get at food scraps during the night. To prevent this from happening get a dustbin with a lid.

    1. Put your dustbin in the cupboard

As well as getting a lid for your dustbin, you should also keep it in a cupboard.

  1. Dry up around your sink

Pests need water to survive. One of their main sources of water is your sink. This means you need to dry up around the sink and also dry the sink itself.

  1. Do your dishes

The best way to prevent pests is to do your dishes before going to bed. Never leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight! Cleaning your dishes will prevent pests from scavenging food during the night.

  1. Don’t leave food out.

Never leave any type of food out on your counters. A good example of this bowls of fruit which can attract pests.

  1. Clean your toaster

Over time crumbs accumulate in the bottom of your toaster. These crumbs provide a wonderful meal for pests. To stop this from happening you should regularly clean your toaster.

  1. Clean your microwave

Food particles can also accumulate in your microwave and attract pests. Cleanout your microwave at least once a week.

  1. Clean your floor

Tiny food scraps cover your floor. You should clean it at least once a day or week.

  1. Keep food in containers

Don’t leave food in boxes or packets. Transfer it into plastic containers with lids that seal.

  1. Clean out cupboards

Do not let clutter pile up in your cupboards. They should be cleaned out every now and again.

  1. Clean your fridge

Also pay attention to your fridge. Do not let expired food sit in your fridge. Throw it away and clean the fridge as well.

  1. Clean washcloths

Over time washcloths can soak up food particles which can attract pests. To prevent this from happening, regularly clean your cloths.

  1. Throw out recycling

Do not allow your recycling bin to overflow. Deposit recyclables as often as possible.

  1. Clean counters

Counters should be cleaned nightly with anti-bacterial spray

  1. Set traps and lay poison

If pests have become a problem then set traps and leave out poison.

  1. Clean behind large appliances

Mice and cockroaches can live undisturbed behind large appliances if you have pests in your London home. Food scraps also drop behind these appliances. To prevent this clean behind them.

  1. Throw out garbage

Do not allow garbage to pile up in your kitchen. Throw out your garbage as often as possible.

  1. Close your kitchen door at night

Closing your kitchen door can prevent large pests, like rodents, from getting inside.

  1. Clean your walls

Most people never clean their walls. Believe it or not walls are covered in food particles which may attract pests. This is especially true of the wall behind your cooker.

  1. Clean your cupboards

Most people rarely clean their cupboards but this is a big mistake. Try to clean your cupboards at least once a month.

  1. Only eat in your kitchen

To stop pests spreading through your house you should only eat in the kitchen.