Why You Need to Virtually Stage Your Home Before Renovating

Renovating the home is an exhausting process from start to finish. It takes long planning, preparation and the execution should be done under the supervision of a contractor, at least for the more dangerous tasks. However, putting everything in the hands of the contractor might cost you a lot of money. To make the best use of your finances and create an optimal renovating budget, you need to do some research and finish some steps by yourself. One of these steps is to plan the design of the new look. With a little bit of research, a lot of imagination and help from a virtual stager, you can do it yourself.

If you are wondering how a virtual stager can help you create the new design of your home, just think of this: you feed them with the concept you have and an empty photo of the rooms in your home, and they visualise your ideas into a digital image. That way, you can decide whether you are happy with the new look or not and how to proceed with the renovation process. In fact, let’s take a closer look at how a virtual stager’s help can significantly improve your renovation plans. 

Check Out the Design Style

Do you want the Scandinavian minimalism in your rooms? Or, perhaps the bold industrial attitude? Or, better yet, the classic mid-century comfort? You can test all these looks by having room virtually staged. All you need to do is take a photo of your places and discuss the design styles with the stager. They will furnish the rooms digitally with the appropriate furniture and decorative elements, and you will see which final look will best speak to you.

It Doesn’t Cost Much

It won’t cost you a small fortune to have your home virtually staged. The cost of staging a home varies from company to company, but you can find extraordinary digital representations for less than $50 per photo. Taking into consideration that the selected style will be then basis for your future material/decorative elements shopping – it is a reasonable price to pay. Plus, you won’t need to hire an interior designer to make a plan and this way you will save lots of money.

Saves Time and Energy

 By having your rooms virtually staged before the renovation, you save time and energy that you’d otherwise spend on choosing the right furniture pieces and wondering whether they will complement each other and create a complete look. Often, when people select new elements online or in a furniture store, they overlook the size of the elements. This results in getting the wrong impression of how they will look like at home. With a virtual stager, this won’t happen, as you will have the right idea what size of furniture can fit in your home. Also, you can save the energy of arranging the furniture pieces by yourself.

See the Potential of Renovation

Most importantly, with the virtual staging services, you can unlock the full potential of your renovation ideas. You can discover what works and what doesn’t, and go in the direction that best fits your preferences. You can even go a step further, by having the place virtually renovated and create the whole new look of the home – not only within the look of the current condition of the rooms. Thus, you can have the walls digitally repainted or removed. And the virtual renovation doesn’t stop here. You can have the floor replaced, fixtures added and blemishes removed. 

In a nutshell

Renovating successfully means planning extensively first and start working later. There are many steps of the renovation process, and the budget deeply constrains all. One of the ways to save money and execute a perfect plan is to renovate the place first virtually. It brings you more time, energy and the cost of staging a home isn’t high. Basically, you can think of it as testing the waters and an opportunity to see whether you like the final look. 

Once you are in the clear that what you see on the digital photo of the renovated look is what you like, you can proceed with spending money on contractors and materials.