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Why is Birmingham an Ideal City to Invest In?

Birmingham is a booming city with a lot of potential to grow. Birmingham’s population has been steadily growing since 2000. It is currently home to around 1.1 million people, and thrives in an economy worth £80 billion thanks to major businesses settling in its premises, such as Jaguar and Land Rover.

As Birmingham continues to grow and prosper economically and culturally, there are many reasons why this could be a great place for you or your business!

If you’re looking to invest in real estate in the UK soon, then here are a few good reasons to go for Birmingham property:

  1. More young professionals settling the city:

In the last decade, Birmingham has seen a remarkable change in its population. The city is now one of the youngest places not just across Europe but all over world with 40% or more people under 25 years old. This influx into such an ancient place as Britain brings stability for both landlords and tenants alike because there are so many opportunities available here – from jobs to nightlife.

  1. Business growth means greater demand for housing.

Birmingham is a city filled with opportunity, and it’s not just for the automotive industry. The West Midlands region has seen strong growth in both mobility-related sectors like healthcare technology or life sciences research that are fueled by innovative minds from top universities such as Birmingham’s five prestigious institutions of higher learning – all located within minutes walking distance of one another on campus grounds.

A testament to incoming investment this knowledge economy attracts; the city was selected as the first 5G test site in the UK.

With Birmingham’s booming economy and high net-worth investment opportunities, landlords are looking to rent out their properties. As such a surge in demand for suitable housing from new workers is expected with the influx of job seekers moving into this great city.

Young professionals who live here make it an appealing market by offering good yields due largely because they’re willing tenants at reasonable prices. It doesn’t hurt either that economic prospects suggest real estate will continue delivering strong returns even after factoring inflationary pressures.

  1. Increasing property value.

Birmingham property prices have been on a steady increase for much of this decade. From 2016 to 2020, they’re expected to be the highest in Great Britain with an average 45% growth rate over five years- higher than London and Edinburgh which saw increases at 27%. Though property values might remain flat 2021 through 2025 (with 3%-4%), it looks like buyers will get one last chance before interest rates start rising again: 14%, 15%, or even 17% according some analysts’ expectations.

  1. Steady regeneration contributes to housing demand.

The transformation of Birmingham is a true testament to how far regeneration has come. Along with its steady pace, the cityscape in this region continues to undergo significant change as developers continue their quest for investment by building on top retail infrastructure residential projects across all corners- creating something new and exciting every day.

There’s a reason why developers and landlords invest in regeneration projects: it pays off. Not only does the city become an even more alluring place to live, but property values continue on their upward trajectory as well.