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Where To Place Your Outdoor Heat Pump Unit

The experts who supply and install your heat pump will give you excellent advice on where the outdoor unit should be located. But if you have your heart set on a certain position before they arrive to install your heat pump, we suggest you read THIS piece of advice first. Your perfect spot might not be so ideal after all.

Deciding where to place your outdoor heat pump unit is all about looking ahead. By positioning it properly now, you can avoid big problems in the future. The ideal future-proof location is one that places the unit in a sheltered space where there is a low risk of dust and debris getting into the unit and damaging its internal components – yet at the same time, the area needs to allow for plenty of airflow which is key to a heat pump’s performance.

Another consideration is the requirement for future maintenance so the outdoor unit has to be in an area that is easily accessible. Ideally, the unit should be sheltered by an eave and have at least 10 centimetres of elevation to allow for adequate drainage.

The surface the unit is installed on is also a crucial deciding factor when choosing a location. In a perfect world, it is a flat and rigid concrete base that eliminates excessive vibration while the area around the base should act as further drainage. With this in mind, pavers and crushed stones provide good drainage off the concrete base. All plants and shrubs need to be at least one metre from the unit to minimise the impact of shedding leaves and debris. If they’re any closer to the unit, then the fins and fan casement can easily become blocked.

If you have landscaping in mind, it’s best not to plant your favourite specimens in the vicinity of the heat pump unit once it is installed. With plants having to be at least one metre away, you need to be aware of how big plants will grow – not just upwards but outwards as well. Be sure that any plants around the unit won’t interfere with the outdoor heat pump unit when they’re fully grown.

As you’ll see, there is much to consider when choosing the best location for the outdoor heat pump unit. The goal is for the heat pump system to last for as long as it was designed to and that is why correct outdoor positioning is so important. Professional installers will give you their opinion on where it should be located, and given their experience, it is advice worth listening to even if it isn’t in your preferred spot.