What material should you use for your pergolas Melbourne?

Purchasing the right decking and pergolas in Melbourne is one of the best ways to protect your outdoor space. If you want to accompany your patio or deck in a clever manner, this is one of the best ways to do it. There are a vast range of pergola materials to choose from too, all you need is to make the right pick and ensure that you access amazing, easy to use materials that deliver the best value. With that in mind, here are some of the most common materials used for pergolas nowadays.


In case you want cost efficiency and some pretty good durability, then the aluminum pergolas Melbourne can be a very good option. Lots of people go for aluminum because it doesn’t require any major maintenance. You don’t have to worry about rotting or anything like that. It’s a great material for any outdoor work. Plus, the installation process can be very seamless and convenient. It just gets the job done in a very rewarding manner, and that can be well worth it. The aluminum beams and frames are super light when compared to other materials, and that alone can make a huge difference more often than not. This is a great solution especially if your patio is linked to your home.


Steel is a very sturdy material, so it will definitely provide great durability for your pergolas Melbourne. It’s designed from the ground up with efficiency and value. On top of that, it also helps you add more shade to the backyard fast and easy, since it delivers a very simple, yet durable structure. A lot of people go for the steel pergolas because they help shelter gardens. It’s a very dependable, reliable material and one that will help you have the best frames to protect everything in a stellar and professional manner.


Aside from metal, there’s also the option to have your pergolas around your pool decking Melbourne made out of wood. If you use wood as a primary material for your home and its exterior, then you have to use it as the pergola material too. The advantage here is that you have a natural look for the backyard. Plus, it works great if you are DIY oriented anyway. A lot of wooden pergolas Melbourne come with their own kit, they are pre-drilled and pre-cut, which helps you prevent any waste of time so you can focus on value and quality more than anything else.

Closing thoughts

There are a vast range of materials you can go for when it comes to pergolas Melbourne. All you need is to understand the pros and cons for each one of these pergola materials, then see what works for you. Metal-based pergolas have lots of durability, but sometimes you want to go with wood because it delivers that amazing, natural feel. Don’t rush, instead understand the pros and cons to bring in the utmost results and success. It’s a wonderful way to improve the appeal of your patio area, and it won’t cost that much!