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What Indicates A Rodent Problem?

Rodents are small mammals that include rats, mice, squirrels, porcupines, hamsters, deer mice, house mice, and relatives. Rodents have incisors that constantly grow. They also have no canine teeth.

There are five signs that you may have a rodent problem a bad smell, tracks and runways, and nests. Remember, rodents will use what is available to create their nests, such as fabrics, paper, dried leaves, and twigs. Rodent droppings are often light in color but become darker as the rodent ages. Cats and dogs usually become agitated when they sense rodents are near. In most cases, there is a stale smell from a concealed area. A moldy smell may mean an active infestation.

Types of pest control treatments

The three most common control treatments are extermination, removal, and prevention. Extermination kills the pests with treatment or bait. Removal is trapping and removing live pests and getting rid of dead problems. Prevention takes the proper preventative measures to keep the rodents from coming back. Examples of preventative measures include sealing up holes and other access points where they come in. In some cases, it may mean chemically treating certain areas.

What you can do to prevent a rodent problem?

You can take steps to prevent rodents from coming into your home, are setting traps, avoiding poisons, sealing off entrances, sealing up food, or getting a cat. A cat can ward off rodents. Also, make sure your house and surrounding areas are free from holes, cracks and gaps. In addition, cover your garage bins, don’t leave left over pet food outside, and keep your attic and basement dry and free of moisture.

Why is it essential to get rid of rodents?

Getting rid of rodents is essential for the protection and health of your family and home. Rodents are known to gnaw and try and get into food packages. They can carry viruses which can spread to humans. Most importantly, even though you may want to take care of rodents by yourself, it won’t be enough to solve the problem. In addition, dropping rodents can ruin the image of your home or business. Other results of rodents are a strong urine odor, holes chewed through drywall, and chewed weather strips on garage doors. Most importantly, pests can contaminate your food.

What can a professional pest control service do?

To ensure peace of mind and a clean and protected home, a professional pest control company can provide the experience you need to perform pest inspections. They can also save you money, and their services are consistent. Other benefits of hiring a professional pest control service are using pesticides when needed and operating safely, avoiding pest-related illnesses, providing efficient solutions, spending less time cleaning, and constantly inspecting your home for new damage. Other benefits are better sleep, saving money buying control treatments, and peace of mind.

To conclude, rodents are pests that can cause health problems, damage your home, and cause active infestations. Talk to a pest control professional, like https://www.northfultonexterminating.com/wildlife-removal/rodent-control/, soon and find the solution to your rodent problem.