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What Do You Need To Know Before Bathroom Renovation Begins?

You need to consider a lot of things before you begin your bathroom renovation. Your budget, planning, time, design, functionality, and methods of renovating are some of the few things in your checklist. 

Things to Consider before renovating your bathroom

Pre-planning and thinking about what, how, and when you’re going to renovate your bathroom is a very important aspect to be considered in the whole process. 

Below you will find a useful guideline of steps to consider when planning a bathroom renovation.

  • Budget

Whether you’re planning to change the functionality, a repaint, install tiles or even change the layout, it will all incur a cost.You will therefore need to prioritise to ensure you keep within your bathroom renovation budget.

In simple words, bathroom renovations are not cheap so you will need to review the following checklists,which will influence and be controlled by your overall budget. So you will need to be clever and clear abouthow you want to spend your money in order to get that dream bathroom that is still within your bathroom budget.

  • Designing/Planning

Make sure you have a clear brief, so do your research of exactly how you want your bathroom to look and function, is essential in the overall planning. This can include paint colour, tile choices, vanities etc. Next, you need to consider the time it will all take to complete the renovation no matter how big or small it is. 

This is the next step where you decide whether your bathroom will require maintenance work, whether you would repaint, exchange tiles or install shower stalls, tubs, etc. The list of options to consider can be endless.

Most of the visual aspects will be left up to you and your personal choice. However, you will still need to make sure your bathroom has all the essential functionalities that are expected from a bathroom.

Make sure there is proper ventilation, appropriate room size, lighting, storage and be sure to ring a professional if plumbing or pipe works are needed.

A bathroom renovation of a middle-scale would require construction work around 2-3 weeks but the planning and obtaining permission for renovation may lengthen the process for about 2 months. 

You can always go all-out DIY when it comes to designing or making your bathroom look pleasing or you could even hire a professional interior designer to make your job easier. But remember to try and stick to that budget.

  • Labor

Do-it-Yourself bathroom renovations can turn nasty. Honestly, you would save yourself both from time and misery if you bring in the experts. There can be so many hidden problems that only appear once the job commences.

For plumbing and electrical, call the expert technicians. For the construction aspects, make sure you have a contractor hired. Visual aesthetics can be improved with the help of freelance artists or maybe interior designers.

It’ll cost you but if you’re involved in each step and direct the professionals to create the bathroom you had in mind, you will be much happier. 

But before hiring any experts or technicians, make sure you have their background and skill sets checked. Committed workers will always bring out the best results! Read those reviews and ask to see past jobs.

  • Technical additions

Changing the layouts such as your plumbing, moving your toilet, shower and bath would require you to take into consideration the cost, time, and technical labor efforts. 

Big changes to the existing bathroom may bring difficulties and issues that you might have not considered at the outset. Meaning, you might come across pipe leakages, water damage, and structure deficiency during construction. So be ready at any time to face these challenges.

Be sure to put some thought into the lighting and ventilationas this can make a big difference to whether you get mould. Try to maximise the use of the natural light first otherwise you will need to install small windows and be clever with mirrors.


  • Storage limitations and floor layout

Being the smallest room in a household can be an issue.  That’s why you have to be careful about what you fit into that space to maximise its use. To make sure your bathroom provides sufficient space for it to be accessible and not claustrophobic.

Consideration could be maybe getting rid of your bathtub and fitting in a walk-in shower. Or, maybe replacing your toilet with a more compact one. Fitting upper cabinets and shelves for storage can be an approach in maintaining the availability of both space and storage.

Whatever changes you may have in mind, just make sure it looks classy and functions just fine!


So because renovating a bathroom can be overwhelming and daunting, if you make sure you consider everything I have outlined, I believe you won’t have any trouble starting your renovation and it running smoothly.