Swimming Pool


Who doesn’t love to have a pool? It brings us good times, fun and well-being. The construction of a swimming pool is not an excessively complex work, but you need to bear in mind a series of questions before choosing the pool materials and asking for a budget. It is also necessary to hire the best swimming pool designer at affordable prices to avoid any inconvenience during and/or after project establishment.

What are the types of pools?

The first step is to decide the type of pools you want. There are several varieties of construction pools and you must know the pros and cons of building a construction pool of each variety, so you can know how to make a construction pool of each type and which is the best option for you.

Raised pool –

They are built on the ground. It offers fast installation and cheaper maintenance. There are different types and materials for swimming pools: tubular, wooden, galvanized sheet or steel, and inflatable. If you want to enjoy all the advantages, and good times of a swimming pool, an elevated built-in pool is perfect for you, in terms for price, benefits and comfort. Building an elevated pool is an excellent choice for your garden or terrace.

Liner pool –

It is one of the types of pools most suitable for attics or rooftops due to its lower weight. They also have the advantage of being very resistant to tears and discoloration. The liner fits perfectly to the design of the pool, preventing you from losing water. Making liner pools is not only recommended for attics or rooftops, they are also highly recommended for gardens or terraces.

Fiberglass pool –

This type of pool is quick and easy to install. On the other hand, you do not have much flexibility in the design, since it is about previously designed molds. Choose a fiberglass construction pool when considering how to build a pool in a short time. It is a success, but not when thinking about how to make a self-sufficient and practical pool in the long term. You need to be aware of maintenance, especially the protection layer, since over time it tends to wear out.

Gunite pool –

It is the option with the highest price, but it is also the most flexible option, since you can choose a custom design, the size of the pool, finishes, etc. It is also the most resistant type of pool that lasts the longest. This is not an option if you are looking for a cheap construction pool, but an inexpensive pool in the long run, since it is the most resistant and durable over time.

Conclusion: Builder’s choice

It is one of the key moments. You have to choose a professional company specialized in the construction of swimming pools. It is highly recommended that the company you choose is located in the same area where you live. Ask your neighbors who already have a pool, get good advice and do not decide only on the price. At a minimum, the company must give you a 10-year guarantee for this type of pool.