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Types of Homebuyers in Tampa Bay

Meeting potential homebuyers these days face to face usually takes time. However, if a person does come across a potential buyer, the dealings and various interactions may make them feel a certain attachment with the owners. Homebuyers can come on a lot stronger than a homeowner may like. It can be beneficial to understand what lurks behind an offer. Here are the 5 different types of homebuyers in Tampa Bay.

All-cash buyers are the most common to come by. These buyers do not require any financing, repairs and usually have a pretty short escrow period to seal the deal. With that being said, an offer is fair based on the condition of the home is and the surrounding areas of Tampa Bay. Homeowners typically are able to choose their own closing date. There is no middleman and owners will receive cash straight away. This is a great alternative if the owner is trying to sell their property quickly.

Another type is quite the exact opposite of an all-cash buyer. These types have little available cash for a down payment. Typically this consists of buyers with FHA loans, which is sometimes troubling on sellers since FHA loans follow strict home qualifying requirements. On top of that, if the buyer needs to finance the estate, this leads to more work for a seller which contributes to closing costs. Such homebuyers understand that they can cause a headache and should be more flexible to the seller’s needs as long as they do not require cash.

Next are the Charity case buyers who tend to submit an offer accompanied by a sweet emotional letter with photos of their kids or pets. They are known as the most rewarding buyer out there, however, emotions do not pay the bills. These buyers will play on the owner’s heartstrings while reserving a handful of cash. Homeowners should be aware of the charity case of homebuyers because the buyer’s heartfelt stories could be at their expense.

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Homeowners should be aware of the different types of homebuyers in Tampa Bay