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Top 5 Ideas For Bathroom Renovations

There’s nothing more relaxing and uplifting than stepping inside a beautiful bathroom. No matter whether it’s big or small, a bathroom is a home’s hallowed realm that should give the feel of a relaxing cocoon to inhabitants. Yet, when planning bathroom renovations in Melbourne, residents are often at a loss as they can’t decide what they should look for.

Since a wide variety of options are there, both on the internet and in several home décor and lifestyle magazines, taking the right pick for your bathroom renovations could be a tough choice. Here are top five ideas for bathroom renovations to make your task easier. These ideas can set the space apart and make it a joy to inhabit.

  1.   Rain showers

Those not looking for an elaborate Bathroom Renovations can simply get a rain shower installed to give the space a welcome makeover. These showers have become quite popular for modern Melbourne bathrooms. As they imitate the effect of a downpour by offering a lighter water pressure, rain showers generate a soothing effect throughout the bathroom. Perhaps this is why such showers are quickly becoming the norm for bathroom renovations in Melbourne.

  1.   Glass shower walls

If the bathroom is smaller, using screens and dividers for bathroom renovations isn’t a good idea as they’ll interrupt the line of vision, thus making the space look even smaller than what it really is. Experts handling Bathroom Renovations Melbourne suggest using a glass shower wall divider instead as it would serve the intended purpose well, for smaller bathrooms but not limit the view. Painting the walls in clean white is a good idea as it would make the bathroom appear more spacious.

  1.   Skylights

Melbourne residents with smaller or darker bathrooms can install a skylight to make the space brighter, airier, and even feel more spacious. When renovating small bathrooms, one skylight is enough. However, for spacious bathroom renovations, you could use multiple skylights installed closer together as a feature that would not only bring in natural light and provide ventilation but also add a wow factor to the space.

  1.   Box wall shelves

Creative storage is essential to avoid making bathrooms feel cluttered and messy. Small bathrooms could use floating box shelves that would provide the required storage and help organize towels, grooming essentials, etc. without cramping the walls. Against white walls, you can use stained wood counters with a rustic vibe when handling bathroom renovation projects.

  1.   Accent lighting

Accent lighting can help to accent or highlight something particular in a bathroom. That’s why they’re an integral part of several bathroom renovation projects. A simple idea is to position LED lights around the bathroom mirror or cabinetry. Luxe bathrooms that have artwork and sculptures installed can position one or multiple small spotlights that shine up or down onto them depending on how you want these to be lit up. Installing recessed spotlights that highlight the shower or make the spray of water shine could also help create visual interest in the space.

Here’s the deal

Bathroom Renovations Melbourne need not be a herculean task or one that causes stress and confusion. Those not sure of how to proceed could use some of the above ideas for their bathroom renovation projects to make the space unique and welcoming.