Things to Be Kept in Mind While Selecting an Outdoor Power Equipment Distributor


There are several factors which are need to be considered while selecting the outdoor power equipment dealer.

Whether you run a small lawn care service, or a large one that covers multiple cities, you know that having the right equipment is vital. It’s just as essential that those machines and tools are serviced regularly. If your tools aren’t in top shape, you can’t provide the right service to your clients. That’s why it’s so essential to compare your options when it comes to outdoor power equipment distributors. Here are a few things to look for.


Choose a company that offers a selection of the top brands in terms of lawn care. You want to see names like Kawasaki, Plugr, Parker, Wright and EZ products (EZ-Cable Installers and EZ-Trench, for instance). There’s a reason these companies are at the top of their game, and you need that quality and reputation backing your own services.

Beyond Sales

You can buy the lawn care machines you need almost anywhere – the thing that really differentiates outdoor power equipment distributors worth your time is what they offer beyond sales. Do they offer ongoing service and maintenance for the machines you buy? Are their technicians trained and certified? Have their technicians completed training from machinery manufacturers, or are they “self-taught”?

What efforts does the company take to ensure that you don’t suffer from too much downtime (and your customers don’t suffer from the same problem)? Do they keep parts and accessories in stock and on hand, or do they have to order from a warehouse or the manufacturer?


What’s the company’s reputation like? Are they recognized as leaders in the industry? Have their efforts and dedication been recognized with awards from their business partners? Make sure that the company’s reputation is one of directness, honesty, integrity and a 100% commitment to helping their clients solve whatever problem might be at hand, whether that’s adding a single mower to their growing fleet, or maintaining that entire fleet indefinitely.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction should be the goal of all outdoor power equipment distributors that you’re considering. Choose one that offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, as this shows that they’re dedicated to providing the machinery, service and expert assistance professional lawn care companies need