The Importance Of Sanitary Bins In The Workplace

Sanitary Bins In The Workplace

Sanitary waste disposal entails properly disposing of sanitary waste safely and responsibly. To avoid the spread of harmful diseases and slimy filth, all organisations must have sanitary bins in the workspace. You’ll not only protect your employees from health hazards, but you’ll also be following Australian hygiene regulations. Some businesses may be hesitant to invest in high-quality sanitary bins, yet they may significantly impact the cleanliness and safety of their restroom environment. Due to the obvious possibility of harbouring bacteria on sanitary bin surfaces, washroom visitors may be hesitant to touch them. Providing a secure and sanitary way of disposal boosts visitors confidence and improves their overall experience. It is self-evident that female employees and customers should be able to dispose of feminine hygiene waste in a hygienic fashion. This makes your restroom more inviting and comfortable.

Cleanliness & Hygiene

Sanitary waste is a major health hazard in the workplace. Even when sanitary bins are emptied and cleaned regularly, they can still be hazardous to employees and visitors, which is why many businesses choose to hire a professional disposal service. Fortunately, Rapid Clean Newcastle offers a versatile choice of washroom accessories and sanitary disposal units simply and cost-effectively, specially adapted to your company’s demands. Tampons and pads, and other feminine hygiene items must be disposed of away in sanitary bins. These are packed with bacteria and germs that, if not properly discarded, can cause illness and pollution. Sanitary bins have an antibacterial liner that can kill 99.99 percent of germs and a lift-flap mechanism that requires minimal interaction. Having a frequently replaced diaper disposal unit for female employees with children can also help to reduce the risk of germ transfer.

Defend Against Diseases and Contamination

Sanitary bins are not only necessary for removing invisible bacteria but they are also required by EPA standards for the disposal of hazardous trash and sharp objects. Fortunately, Rapid Clean Newcastle sanitary units are ideal for most workplaces, allowing employees and visitors to dispose of hazardous waste safely. They can, however, be polluted with bodily fluids, blood, poisons, or toxic chemicals, putting people’s health at risk. Rapid Clean Newcastle delivers Disposal Sanitary Units to help reduce the risk of diseases and contamination.

Consumables & Sanitary Bins

Sanitary containers may be kept clean and bacteria-free at a low cost. A widespread misunderstanding is that special disposal standards are required, which is not the case. We see more end customers prefer for their cleaners to manage this instead of pricey specialised services because bins are only changed fortnightly or monthly, with a minimal amount of deodoriser put into bins to manage change intervals. Bins can be opened by pressing a button, raising a lid, or using an automatic sensor. Sanitary bin bags come in a variety of sizes to match the bin. The odour-controlling gel comes in sachets that only require 10-20ml every change interval.

Pod™ Petite Auto

Motion-Activated, Reliable And Compact

Pod Petite Auto operates touchless, softly, and consistently, thanks to a sophisticated motion-activated microprocessor. It’s also simple to install and service, with a three-step process, and the innovative liner cassette protects service staff from waste with zero exposure.


The rates listed on a website are the lowest pricing available when ordering in bulk, and they usually follow a tiered system. This means that these things can typically be purchased in bulk for a lower price, whereas single items would be more expensive per unit.

Purchasing air fresheners or soap dispensers is insufficient. Your washroom must be kept in good working order, which is why we include replacing and maintaining your washroom goods as part of our complete managed service. We refill and sanitise your washroom products, replace any that are damaged, and keep the cycle going according to a predetermined schedule, ensuring that your business’s standards are never compromised. This ensures that your clients and workers operate in a clean environment while you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that everything is taken care of.

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