The Cost of Water Damage in a Home


There is one home disaster that usually causes serious amounts of damage. This is anytime there is a problem with the damage caused by water. Water can spread as well as penetrate into various materials so it is expensive to deal with due to:

  • Difficulty
  • Time-consumption

This problem usually is caused by bad weather, burst pipes, or a leaking water tank. The damage within your home often leads to structural problems when water damage is not handled properly.

Cost of restoration

The water damage restoration cost for an average home usually is between $1,142 and $4,740 to repair or restore any water damage. A licensed repair professional will be able to determine the cause as well as the extent of the damage and these are the 2 largest factors in determining the final bill. 

Avoiding large repairs

The way to avoid large repair and cleanup bills is to do preventive maintenance as well as cleaning up quickly after the damage is done. This is vital in keeping costs down. The longer that moisture is left untreated, the worse the scope of the damage which allows mold to grow will be. But by preventing damage by having professionals diagnose causes as well as making small repairs can save homeowners thousands later on. Regardless of cost or cause, you also need to document any damage to making insurance claims.

Mold removal cost

One of the largest costs on average is mold removal cost. The spores of mold can be found in almost all environments and they start growing in only 24 to 48 hours when there is moisture present. No matter the type of water damage, there is a risk of the growth of mold, and the longer that moisture sits, and the more the risk as well as the removal cost. It takes a qualified inspector to test for mold and they can help decide if there is mold and if the professional remedy is needed.