Carpet cleaning is inevitable if you want to maintain a healthier home environment. Professional carpet cleaning removes all the accumulated dirt, stubborn stains, prolongs the lifespan of your carpet, and leaves you with a healthier home atmosphere. 

Steam cleaning and shampooing are some of the standard carpet cleaning methods. So are you wondering if you should steam clean or shampoo your carpet? Each method has its pros and cons, but this post guides you into choosing the right one for your carpet.

Carpet shampooing

Carpet shampooing is a foam-based cleaning method that effectively removes dirt on your carpet fibers. It is a proven way to remove unwanted dirt and stains on your carpet. A good carpet shampooing machine works by agitating the carpet fibers and breaking down unwanted dirt and stains to make them easier to clean. It also scrubs the carpet to remove stubborn stains, and then you can rinse the carpet with water and extract the moisture for drying.

Notable points about carpet shampooing include:

  • It uses chemicals to clean carpets thoroughly, and there is the risk of leaving chemical residue behind.
  • It kills pests but may not kill their eggs completely because heated water is not involved.
  • It soaks the carpet, so more drying time is required.


  • It is effective in cleaning heavily soiled carpets.
  • It removes stubborn stains in carpet fibers.
  • It removes dark marks present on the carpet.


  • It requires large machines.
  • It can damage carpet padding when lots of water are used.
  • It leaves your carpet wet for the next 24-48hours.

Carpet steam cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning is a more effective carpet cleaning option, and it seems to be different than the other conventional methods. Steam carpet cleaning Santa Ana involves using heat, water, and high pressure to clean carpets. The high pressure and temperature of the water cause the dirt and stains to break down quickly. Since the water is released and sucked back with the dirt, minimal moisture is used; therefore, the drying time is significantly less. Steam cleaning has many positive points than drawbacks making it more preferable.

Notable points about steam cleaning include:

  • Only heat and water are required, so it is a natural carpet cleaning process.
  • Since it uses limited moisture, drying time is significantly less.
  • Hot vapor is used for cleaning the carpet, so it doesn’t leave behind residue. 
  • The high temperature effectively kills bacteria, germs, and other microorganisms on your carpet.


  • It eliminates 99% of dirt, bacteria, and germs on your carpet.
  • It uses less moisture shortening the carpet drying time.
  • It doesn’t require using of chemicals to clean the carpet.
  • It effectively eliminates pet dirt, pests, and their eggs.


  • You may need to treat stains in advance.
  • It may not clean dark marks and heavily soiled carpets effectively.
  • The method may be more expensive compared to other carpet cleaning methods.

Final verdict

When comparing the two carpet cleaning methods, steam cleaning seems to be the most effective and suitable choice. However, you should opt for shampooing if your carpet is heavily soiled with dark spots.