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Retaining Walls Are Versatile Features That Can All Be Designed Very Differently

Most people will try one retaining wall idea at once. If they use more than one retaining wall, these walls will be made using the same style and with the same building materials. 

Still, retaining walls southbridge ma can certainly be built in different ways. People won’t necessarily need to make sure that all of their retaining walls match or resemble one another perfectly, especially if they’re working with lots of space at any time. Even simple details related to the construction of a retaining wall can have a strong effect on the wall’s appearance.

Wall Structure

Some retaining walls are built with a curved appearance. However, it’s still possible to make them look more angular. The flat, angled retaining walls can help people conserve space when they’re landscaping outdoors. 

However, curved retaining walls can give people the chance to use the outdoor space in very creative ways. Flower beds frequently have a rounded appearance. It’s common to install retaining walls, and then put flower beds into place at the top of the new structure. 

Many retaining wall ideas will involve more than just the retaining walls themselves. People will often build their gardens around these structures. New flower beds in the garden might not be added before the retaining walls are in place. Some landscaping professionals might only place flower beds above retaining walls, which can help to emphasize the flower beds themselves. The spaces located below the flower beds and retaining walls might be relatively clear and smooth. 

The retaining wall might connect to a path that’s made using the same types of construction materials, so everything will seem consistent. However, other individuals might want the retaining wall to seem very different from the other features in the back or front yard, helping them make every section of a particular space look unique. 

People might not use concrete elsewhere when they set up a particular landscape. When they have concrete retaining walls in landscapes like this, that material will be even more obvious at a distance. 

Choosing Materials

Retaining walls can be made from plenty of different materials. Many people build their retaining walls out of bricks. The retaining walls that are made out of bricks will usually have a very even appearance.

Individuals who already have houses that are at least partly made from brick may or may not want a retaining wall that’s primarily made using similar materials. They might want their retaining walls and exterior home walls to match. Their front yards will have a very organized appearance as a result. 

However, other people will be interested in a retaining wall that contrasts with the external appearance of their homes instead. A stone retaining wall, for instance, will have a very uneven surface. When compared with a home that has much smoother exterior walls, both the retaining wall and the home itself will seem even more striking. 

Many individuals will also focus on the more practical characteristics associated with different retaining wall materials. Wood is certainly used in the overall construction of plenty of retaining walls. While wood can be a very durable building material, brick and stone are still both going to last much longer than it ever will. Wood can still get damaged by moisture over time, which won’t be as true for the other materials used in most outdoor retaining walls. 

A wooden retaining wall might almost look like a fence, although fences can also be made from both stone and wood. Stone or brick walls might seem more solid, but retaining walls can also be strong and effective.