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Pros and Cons of Selecting Ceramic Switch Plates

While plastic is the standard switch plate material that comes preinstalled in homes, it’s far from the only material option out there. You can find switch plates in virtually any material, including wood, copper, brass, steel, and more. One popular option if you’re looking for something decorative is ceramic. If you’re considering installing ceramic switch plates, keep reading to learn the pros and cons of this material choice.

Pro: Color Options

While some materials are more limited in their color options, ceramic has countless colors and even patterns available so that you can find something that perfectly matches your aesthetic. From neutral tones to bright pops of color, you can use ceramic switch plates to perfectly complement any room’s décor. Or, if you’re an artistic individual, ceramic can also be painted and sealed so that you can create a completely custom look.

Con: Durability

Ceramic switch plates aren’t the most durable option available to you. While your light switches don’t typically take too much of a beating, cracks can happen with this material under certain circumstances. Naturally, ceramic isn’t as durable as something like metal; but it’s not any more fragile than the cheap plastic covers that come standard in most homes. Durability is still worth considering, but overall, it’s not likely to be a serious issue for the average homeowner.

Pro: Maintenance

Ceramic is a great material for those who want a low-maintenance option for their switch plates. Certain decorative materials, like wood and some metals, require certain cleaners, and they may scratch or show dirt and smudges very easily. Ceramic can be wiped down with almost any cleaning solution without fear of discoloration. While some light colors may show fingerprints and smudging, they wipe off easily; and with all those color choices, you could always choose something darker to hide those marks.

Pro: Cost

No, ceramic switch plates are not the cheapest option out there. Those cheap plastic plates will probably only cost you about a buck. However, in terms of quality, upgraded materials, ceramic is one of the more affordable choices. Many types of decorative plates can get quite pricey, especially if you’re looking at high-end metals. Ceramic typically falls in the low- to mid-range of cost for decorative plates, making it a more affordable way to upgrade all the light switches in your home.

Overall, decorative ceramic switch plates are a great choice for anyone looking to get an upgraded material for the light switch covers.