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Modern Air-cooled Chillers

An air cooled chiller is a refrigeration machine that is used in a central air conditioning system. It serves to cool or heat a liquid heat carrier (water or antifreeze) and supply it through pipelines to fan coil units, coolers of ventilation units, etc. The chillers of this company have a cold capacity from 7 to 1000 kW (1 MW), run on the latest freon 410. They are produced and assembled in Europe.

Manufacturers guarantee 100% compatibility with all types of fan coil units, supply, and air handling units. Besides, central air conditioners, both domestic and foreign manufacturers.

What is the classification of the chillers?

  • According to the location of the condenser, air-cooled chillers are available with a built-in (outdoor version) or with a remote condenser (the condenser is installed outdoors, and the chiller itself is indoors).
  • By their purpose, chillers are divided into those that work only for cooling, the so-called “cold” and those that work both cold and heat, in the heat pump mode, the so-called “warm”.
  • By the type of compressor used, air-cooled chillers can be with a screw, piston, or scroll compressor. Their price depends on the type of compressor. Please note that this criterion can significantly affect the cost of the chiller.
  • The built-in condenser can have axial cooling fans (outdoor version of the chiller) or radial (centrifugal) cooling fans (in this case, the chiller is installed indoors).
  • Chillers can also have one or several refrigeration circuits.
  • Air-cooled chillers can use different freons (R22, R407, or R410).

Chiller Application

The use of the chiller-fan coil system is advisable in medium and large facilities that have a sufficient number of fan coil units, ventilation systems, etc. These facilities can be industrial enterprises, large stores, shopping centers, administrative buildings, banks, healthcare enterprises, educational institutions, etc.