Information about the Asbestos Survey Company Process


Asbestos surveys are one of the most important phases in the asbestos management process since they are one of the first. Many factors can influence the cost of an asbestos survey, making it difficult to find an exact price while researching asbestos surveys or looking for a contractor. The majority of asbestos treatment surveys are priced according to the amount of time they will take. Asbestos Survey Company are usually quoted on a job-by-job basis and are based on the scope and time needed, costs may vary significantly.

The survey should be of the following type:

The cost of an asbestos survey is determined by the form of survey required. Pre-demolition and refurbishment surveys, for example, often necessitate a more invasive review than management surveys, and therefore take longer to complete.

  • The property: The size of their property is one of the most important factors that can affect the asbestos survey cost, but it’s worth noting that the number of individual rooms or distinct areas is usually what drives up costs since each one must be inspected and reported separately. A large warehouse with a small administrative and services block would possibly take much less time to survey than a care home that is a quarter the size in terms of exterior measurements. It’s also crucial that they provide their contractor with some pertinent details about their house, as this can affect the amount of time it takes. Also include any blueprints or construction plans they may have, as well as a list of any areas of the property that have already been subjected to asbestos inspections. The age of the property is significant to a contractor since all forms of asbestos were banned in 1999, so parts of the property that were renovated or constructed after 2000 are less likely to contain asbestos-containing materials.
  • The contractor:When looking for an Asbestos Survey Company to conduct their asbestos survey, they can come across companies that provide surveying services for what appears to be a low price. However, people must have faith in the following before commissioning a company to do this work: they have the technical skills and experience to do the job, they are working to industry standards, they have/will put the requisite precautions in place, and they have quality and safety practices in place.
  • The number of samples taken: Most surveys would be paid on a per-day basis, for as many samples as needed; however, in some cases, a provider might charge per sample. Before beginning work, it is critical to understand how they will be paid for their survey and to confirm whether this will be per sample or all-inclusive.
  • Accessibility: Something that can change how long an asbestos survey takes can affect how much it costs. Accessibility is one of the most common problems they encounter, which lengthens the time of a survey.

Reaching out to an approved contractor and discussing the conditions and specifics of their land, when taking into account the above considerations, is the best way to get an accurate cost for an asbestos survey.