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Important Aspects to be aware of when Choosing Hotel Linen

Having perfectly laundered linen is not only a consideration for the hotels, but it is the demand of the public and an essential hygiene requirement. If there were one reason a guest would choose to leave a hotel room instantly, it would be due to poor laundered bed linen.

Let us delve into a few essential aspects to consider when purchasing bed linen for hotel use. Your choice of hotel linen suppliers would determine the kind of linen you purchase for your hotel.

  1. Longevity

All types of bed linen have a specific life span. It would be best described as the number of washes the linen could withstand while retaining the quality. The easiest way to ensure that linen lasts significantly longer would be to choose the best cotton available in the market. It might cost you slightly on a higher side, but it would be offset by two aspects –

  • Longevity
  • Initial quality experienced by the customer

The size of the cotton matters along with the length of the cotton fibers. It would be pertinent to choose the longest fibers to provide stronger and finer linen giving the feeling of softness.

Thread count has been an important aspect of that feeling of luxury and comfort. Most popular cotton would have approximately 150 count and quality sheets beginning nearly at the count of 180. When the count reaches 200, it enters into the luxury range.

It would not be about the number of threads per square inch, but longer fibers enable finer and thinner threads. It implies that there would be more to every inch. However, it also relates to the ply of the threads twisted together and the way it has been woven tightly to form the fabric. Quality cotton would have two-ply providing a finer and smoother thread.

Longer threads would imply there are fewer of them and relatively lesser ends to fray. The thinner threads could be packed tightly making the sheets significantly stronger.

Lastly, the blend of long and thin threads would make a stable and tight weave. It would be highly unlikely to open while absorbing more dye to provide a longer-lasting color.

  1. Effective washing

Quality cotton could absorb more water when washed. The cotton would often improve, as it would be washed repeatedly. It would also bring more softness to the tightly woven fine threads. If you were looking forward to economizing the bed linen, it implies that repeated laundering could lose your savings in a single wash single-use setting.

  1. The laundering process

If you have spent additional money to reap the benefits of quality cotton, then it would be imperative that the choice of laundering respects this quality. If the wrong detergent has been used or in an incorrect amount, even the best cotton linen would grey, especially where hard water is used.

When contemplating choosing laundering services, it would be imperative that the provider should be competent to answer the system they use and why. Consider asking for references from other hotel clients and check those references to ensure their genuineness.