How To Save Money On Renovations During The Pandemic

After the great depression, Australia has never affected this bad, even during the global financial crisis, Australians have managed to come out with a very minor impact, compared to other developed countries. But this pandemic is something different and catastrophic in many ways. Forcing millions of people out of work, deaths and many more. 2020 is something that this generation will never forget!

The most affected state is Victoria, with ongoing lockdowns, curfew and restriction, small businesses are struggling. Households are struggling to put food on the table, trades were affected, where the jobs needed to be rescheduled and with only few people are allowed to work on a job site. With all these and spring is around the corner, which is usually the busiest period for small and big jobs around the houses, prepping for the biggest months of the year, Christmas! This time Christmas will surely be different and something that none of us witnessed, especially the millennials. For real estate and people planning to put their houses on the market, spring is perfect with a bit of the sun & light. Also for the families who are wanting their kids to be ready for the school terms and families settling in their new homes, spring is perfect. Listening to this, many leading plumbing and bathroom renovation suppliers, have come up with a strategy to let people access the quality supplies they need for their home renovations.

With fintech giants like Afterpay, ZIP and open pay doing pretty well in the Australian retail sector, they have created new opportunities for both businesses and consumers. Their buy now and pay later options are doing the trick during this pandemic. And Their share growth is an indication of this, if any stock enthusiasts remember, during March 2020 when Afterpay shares were around $8 mark, many of us thought that’s’ the end of the buy now and pay later markets. But the renounce is very quick and staggering. Although there are risks involved in these buy now and pay later companies, they are indeed giving that flexibility for both consumers and retailers.

This all sounds great, but with current circumstances, are we still ready to invest those dollars for those odd jobs around the jobs or even for more significant renovations? The Government of Australia, has thought about this and has released a package for people who are wanting to renovate their homes and build brand-new houses, this package will allow people to access grants up to 25k and more, for more information on the grants check here there are restrictions in accessing these grants. But this will definitely be a much needed boost for those wanting to carry renovations during the pandemic.

James from Silver Peak Construction located in Maddingley victoria, servicing households and businesses to conduct renovations on budget, says, businesses like his are identifying this as an opportunity than crisis, with government announcing the packages for new home builders and renovators, people are making use of these and adding value to their properties. For renovators there are several opportunities to shop around for quality supplies on budget, Companies like Salini Appliances, have come up with quality and leading Pyrolytic oven for just under $1000 with 2 year warranty and also Fontaine Industries are offering discounts and payment plans for budget renovators. Most of the leading plumbing suppliers have equipped with the latest digital technologies allowing people to show from where they are. Along with warranties for peace of mind, you can also buy extended warranties by paying little extra pay. Moreover kitchens sell houses any day! Kitchen renovations are not cheap though, costing on an average of 7k to anywhere between 100k or above! Planning to give your kitchen a bit of uplift, need to make sure you know what you’re seeking to achieve and invest to get there. The Australian kitchen and bathrooms renovations industry is growing year on year, with households accessing best of the designs and supplies being anywhere. From Kalgoorlie to Kew you can plan and hire quality trades with the help of technology.

3D and VR is growing rapidly and expanding in to home improvement industry, many of the websites who are selling quality renovation supplies are equipped with these 3d planners, to allow everyone to visualise how your future kitchen or bathroom might look like.Conduct your research and make use of online forums and tools to create your own 3d designs to view how your bathroom or a kitchen might look like before you placing an order. Also with the click and collect options, you can avoid being in close contact with one during this time. Where social distance seems to be paramount. For smarter renovations, follow these tips and plan well, you will surely be capable to pull your renovation project within budget.

Faq here

Will virtual consultations help in renovations?

More and more renovators are using virtual consultations to gather requirements, understanding clients vision, budgeting and planning. Zoom calls, skype and other tools are used in these consultations. These sessions will help in measuring too.

Planning before hitting the tools?

Planning is key in any renovation, massive or small, putting pen on paper and prioritising key stages is highly suggested. Some trades offer free sessions to design the entire project and some trades have a set fees to offer design consultations. Very rarely projects have been successful without proper planning.

How do local government rules and regulation affect renovations during the pandemic ?

Check the official local government website for the latest rules and regulations due to Covid-19 and adhere to those. Getting caught violating will not only face the heat from the government, but also need to pay heavy penalties. Avoiding backyard operators and engaging a professional renovation company will support you to understand about number of people needed to be there on the job site.