How To Protect Your Plumbing in Midland This Winter

Our plumbing systems play a significant role in our lives. We depend on it every single day, and without adequate plumbing systems, Midland would be swamped (pun intended).

Every household needs to play their part, not only for their own home’s sake but also for the entire neighbourhood. As temperatures drop and we enter winter, we must start paying attention and taking precautionary measures to safeguard our plumbing systems. One essential thing to ensure you do is to insulate your home’s plumbing to prepare your home for winter.

Protect The faucets

It’s not only what’s inside that needs to be taken care of; outdoor faucets need to be protected from exposure to the elements. This is the perfect time to disconnect, drain your garden hoses, and ensure that you shut off outdoor water faucets before winter is in full swing.

By doing so, you are preventing their damage during colder months. If you don’t have an outdoor shutoff valve or you don’t know where it is, speak to a professional plumber about how else you can protect your plumbing.

Look Out For Exposed Pipes

Frozen pipes are standard during winter, and on different days, the weather gets so cold that your pipes will not be able to handle the cold. Whenever this is prevented, you will be reducing your energy bills and any chances of frozen pipes that could further lead to worse plumbing issues.

If there are any exposed pipes, make sure to insulate them in any unheated areas to prevent them from freezing. You can protect them by using insulation, foam sleeves, newspapers, or any form of heat tape.

When you insulate your pipes in preparation for dropping temperatures, make sure you assess your entire home for cracks. When cold air enters the house through the cracks, the cold air can travel to various pipes that may not be insulated. Pay close attention to attics, crawl spaces as well as basements. These areas are prone to cracks and are often the least taken care of, in some cases, that is. The benefit of so doing is to protect your plumbing systems as well as to save energy on heating the entire house.

Service Your Water Heater Systems

Before winter, or in this case, now, make sure that you drain out your water heater and get it serviced by a professional hot water specialist or company. This will allow you to safely use your hot water heater throughout winter with no issues. You don’t want to find yourself having a cold shower or bath in cold weather. Instead of leaving this to chance – which if you do, you and your family could end up sick (no one wants that, especially during the COVID-19 crisis) – schedule your hot water systems for a maintenance check.

Preparing your plumbing systems in Midland is not a pain in the backside, as you would think. And it does not have to cost you a lot of money – instead, it could save you a lot of much needed time. Hiring an expert company in Midland to conduct a thorough inspection and providing all the insulation you need is money well invested in!

We understand that times are tough and that as a homeowner, you want all the peace of mind you can get, and one way of doing so is preparing your plumbing. As mentioned, doing this will help you cut back on energy consumption and energy bills.

Frozen pipes and other damaged plumbing systems during winter are a disaster, but some that can be avoided. By adhering to these tips, you are well on your way to a peaceful winter.

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