How to deep clean your bathroom?

A bathroom is a place that should be cleaned daily to maintain hygiene. Those who do not have time for cleaning should hire professionals to ensure that the place is cleaned and is free from germs. To get the best services, you can hire WeClean Local Oregon. However, if you have time and can carry out the task, you can follow a step-by-step process to prevent any mess. The process is discussed below.

Before starting the cleaning

Clean the clutter: If you want to start the deep cleaning of the bathroom, you will need to start cleaning the clutter. You need to pick the items on the top of tabletops, counters, and the floor. So, you can easily reach difficult places. 

  • Make a plan: Think from where you will start cleaning, keep in mind how much time you will take to complete the cleaning task. However, you can complete the cleaning task in multiple days. 
  • Take the cleaning stock: Before starting the cleaning process, you should collect the supplies such as broom, baking soda, dish soap, mineral oil, mop, etc. It will avoid stopping the cleaning task due to the absence of any cleaning supply.

Scrub sinks, toilets, showers, and bathtubs

Before starting the cleaning, you should spray the cleaning solution on the tub with a different cleaner to soak oil and dust that have accumulated. Apply the same thing with your toilet sinks and bowls.

Wipe the window, mirrors, and light fixtures

You need to take extra time to clean the dust around the edges and corners. Wipe the dust using vinegar on a damp rag.

Clean the glass shower doors

You can see the water spots or soap scum on the glass shower door. So, you should use warm distilled white vinegar and wait for half an hour then scrub the spots.

Wash the bath mats or cloth curtain

You need to routinely check the bath mats or curtains to wash. Clean them once a week in the washing machine.