How to Build an Airbnb Property Outside Your Home  


Staycationing is the latest trend among holiday-goers in the UK. With the residual caution of travelling abroad in the wake of the pandemic, as well as the fewer options available with which to fly, more people are travelling to Cornish beaches and hiking in Scotland than ever before. As demand for accommodation in these places increases, more residents are looking to capitalise on the opportunity by offering their own overnight stay options, listed on websites such as Airbnb.

Previously, however, a significant number of Airbnb options available within the UK have been individual room rentals. These options are often within the same home as the property owner, who would be renting out an empty or spare room. Now, as people maintain their social distance, these options have become much less available.

This has been a significant blow for those who have built much of their finances on the extra income earned through Airbnb. Those with options to stay outside of their own home, however, are continuing to do well. A success that others are now looking to imitate with their own outdoor builds.

Finding the Right Structure 

Building log cabins in a garden has become an affordable and effective way to welcome guests to your home while keeping them separate from your personal living space. The outdoor construct becomes ever to oversee and maintain, allowing you to host guests as well as family and friends. And, while the idea of a cabin may prompt images of a small and cosy space, they are now readily available with multiple bedrooms, their size limited only by your garden space.

The types of cabins available are numerous and can accommodate your specific aesthetic needs and environmental requirements. Most are offered with double glazing and come equipped with insulation to ensure that guests remain comfortable.

Managing Your Stay Safely

Having your Airbnb property in such close proximity to your home means the management is not much different than to maintaining a room inside your house. Be sure to make your guests aware of sanitisation and to present an impeccably clean space, as well as to allow ample time between visitations in case of any issues.


While Airbnb will highlight your property as a stay in your specific area, it can be a slow process to build a reputation and have yourself appears at the top of searches. For greater success, it is recommended that you involve yourself in local social groups, such as on NextDoor and Facebook. These pages are often filled with travellers looking for places to stay, which is a perfect opportunity to advertise yourself.

Build Your Appeal

A great Airbnb stay isn’t just about location and cleanliness. If you want to ensure a long-term income from your new garden cabin, you need to make it memorable. Consider installing extra features, such as a television or board games, that will keep your guests entertained. Plus, the small additions of food staples, like milk and snacks, are a low-cost way of keeping your guests very happy.

A Steady Income

If managed well, the investment of a garden cabin will return to you quickly. There are other services competing with Airbnb too, and each one allows you to choose your own schedule. So, should you need your own time away from home, you can simply decline reservations. Or, keep them going with the help of a neighbour!