How can switchable glass transform your workplace?

Office building in a new residential area. 3d rendering.

Studies have confirmed that office productivity is influenced by the physical structure and appearance of the workspace. For instance, a workforce may not perform optimally because the workspace is not conducive for collaborating or uninspiring for the staff members. That is why modern offices are transforming their workspaces to enhance productivity in the best way.

One of the tools commonly used in transforming office space is smart glass technology.  If you have not heard about smart glass, keep on reading to learn about this amazing technology and how it can transform your workspace. 

What is Switchable Smart Glass?

Switchable smart glass is a novel technology used by businesses, architects, and interior designers to transform workspaces.  Switchable smart glass is laminated glass. However, it has a unique property of changing its physical state from transparent to opaque and vice versa when exposed to electric current due to the smart film material within.  This dynamic property is an invaluable technology applied by professionals to transform workspaces. 

Here are some tips for transforming your workspace using smart glass technology.

Open Space Partitions

Gone are the days when offices are confined into segregated enclosures with wooden or brick walls. Such office structures have several demerits ranging from poor space management to clumsy appearance, improper supervision of workforce, and many more.  Smart glass partitions can transform any open space into a visually appealing workspace. The size of glass panels allow the optimal use of space within the interiors. This encourages healthy collaboration and supervision. Moreover, studies have shown that natural lighting that filters into the office interiors through smart glass enhances productivity. 

Privacy On-Demand

Glass structures within an office provide many benefits, though there are shortfalls too. One such challenge relates to privacy and security risks. Transparent glass walls make the interior of an office visible from the exterior, depriving the occupants of their privacy.  Besides the colleagues at the office, the prying eyes of passerbys can be an issue.  Unfortunately, an outsider’s ability to see through the interior of a building increases the risk of the space being targeted by burglars. Smart glass can enhance  privacy and security by blocking unwanted views from within and outside of the building. Simply turn the glass to the frosted state to keep prying eyes away when needed to enhance the privacy of your workspace.

Modern Aesthetics

Perhaps, the most favoured aspect of smart glass in a working environment is the aesthetics. The glass brings out the beauty in any space, and with smart glass, there is no need for curtains and window blinds since the smart glass can be made frosted to achieve privacy on demand.  Studies have shown that an attractive workspace enhances the productivity of the workforce. Moreover, such an elegant workspace gives an excellent impression to clients and prospects who visit the office. 

A Final Note

We have discussed three vital avenues of transforming your workspace with smartglass. Whether you are building a new office or renovating an existing structure, smart glass can help you create an excellent workspace for your business.