Four Advantages For Choosing Home Theater

As the name suggests, private home theater refers to a private theater that creates the same audiovisual environment as a movie theater indoors. Home theater can bring people an immersive movie watching experience. You can enjoy the whole movie quietly without being disturbed by anyone. This is one of the best ways to relax after get off work and study. Now, home theater has won the favor of many fans and families with its powerful functions. Why is it so popular? There are four reasons. 

Large Screen

Projectors usually use short-distance projection, which can project large screen effects within a short distance. Mobile phones, tablets and ordinary LCD TVs cannot compete with them in this way.

One might argue that mobile phones and tablets are flexible enough that people can lie on the sofa and watch what they like. Yes, but you can only see a limited size screen and can’t free your hands well.

In recent years, the turn-on usage rate of TVs has been decreasing. If you watch for a long time, it will hurt your eyes. Its existence value will begin to be questioned. Therefore, for families, a private cinema with a projector can be said to be the right choice.

Private Places

In modern society, everyone increasingly wants to have their own private space. In public places, many behaviors will be restricted. For example, in the cinema, we can’t talk, eat, or drink, so sometimes people don’t want to go to the cinema to watch movies because of this relatively unfree viewing place.

So, if you want to build a private cinema in your own home, you can decorate it according to your favorite style. The degree of freedom and comfort can be greatly improved.

On weekends, you can invite friends to watch your favorite movies without being restricted by the movie theater schedule. You can also prepare food, enjoy the food while watching a movie, and change various viewing postures, greatly improving the degree of freedom and comfort.

Powerful Expanded Function

Today’s home theaters not only allow you to watch TV and movies, but also have more comprehensive entertainment functions, such as playing games and singing.

People who like to play games are hardly satisfied with phones with small screens. They want a bigger screen to get more relaxing and fun gaming experience. For example, using XGIMI MoGo Pro, they can connect to a gaming device to project a large screen. Playing high-definition big-screen games will refresh your spirits.Untitled

High Picture And Sound Quality

Home theater projectors will become the focus of future purchases. The choice of projector, resolution, brightness, contrast, etc. are all parameters that must be considered.

Nowadays, many TV shows and movies have achieved 1080p effects, but the viewing effect is easily affected by ambient light, so brightness has become a crucial parameter. The brightness of the P2 laser TV reaches 3600 lumens. You can see clearly without looking at the curtains during the day, and the high contrast makes the image full of layers.

Sight and hearing are the main channels through which people obtain external information. If they have excellent visual effects but poor sound quality, the viewing effect will be greatly affected and it will be difficult to attract customers.

Many people think that building a home theater requires the purchase of additional audio equipment to achieve better results. In fact, more and more advanced projectors now have better built-in audio equipment. For example, the Harman Kardon sound of XGIMI MoGo Pro has symmetrical stereo speakers to make the sound pure and not harsh.UntitledAfter all, private home theater may be the future trend of people’s leisure life. For this reason, the key is to choose a high-quality projector. XGIMI MoGo Pro is XGIMI’s new projector, which is highly competitive. Portable, it can accompany you whenever you want to create the best projection experience anytime, anywhere. The real 1080P and Harman Kardon sound can inspire your eyes and ears and bring a feast of visual effects. 

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