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Few Signs of Rat Infestation at Home

Irrespective of where you live or work whether you live in the city or suburbs or any rural country, you cannot escape from rodent problems that may come up from time to time. There are a few specific reasons for this and quite a many of them you can do something to avoid a rat infestation.

If you have detected any signs that there are rats at home, then no need to worry much on this issue. You must contact Pest Control Manchester who can offer their service through pest control Bolton if you are facing rat infestation problems at home.

In this article, we shall share with you a few signs through, which you will be able to detect the presence of rats in your home.

1.    Presence of dead or live rats

Rats are quite intelligent and will not show their presence so easily. Usually, they will remain hidden either under garbage around your house or they will find a small hiding place in any hole or crack found on the wall.

If you ever notice any live or dead rats then it is a sure shot indication that there are rats present in your household.

2.    Try to find their trail of movement

Though it is very rare, however sometimes if you closely observe in your kitchen or in any store toom where raw foodstuffs are generally stored, you may find a trail of any rat movement.

Though it may not be a very regular occurrence, off and on you may notice and you may wonder how this mark has occurred.

3.    Presence of chewed materials

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Rats usually have very strong teeth and can easily bite plastic, wood, and paper. If you suddenly notice that some of your old books are chewed and a few chewed materials are scattered around in the corner of your home then you can suspect the presence of a rat.

If you keep your vegetable or any other foodstuff outside uncovered then too you can notice chewing marks on them.

4.    Notice any hole in an unexpected area

Often rats want to find a warm place, particularly when the temperature of the environment starts getting cool. They love the warm place and hence they may try to bite on the wooden door to create a hole so that they can make an entry inside.

So, if you ever notice such holes created at a certain unexpected place then you can suspect the presence of a rat.

5.    Notice any rat droppings

If rats have infested your home then you will start observing their droppings in corners or if you remove any heavy furniture, you may notice rat droppings behind them. Usually, rats will prefer to hide behind any heavy furniture hence you will notice dropping of rats mostly in such places.

6.    Suddenly hear a noise of fallen utensils

Often at late night, you may suddenly hear a noise of any of the utensils is falling down. If such noise starts coming regularly then it is a sure shot indication that rats have infested your home.

You must not allow rats to stay at home and must contact immediately a pest control company to eradicate them.