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Features to Consider While Choosing a Portable Grill

The outdoor grilling experience is fun, especially when your friends or family are standing around while you barbeque, but the same scene can be frustrating in the kitchen. Why limit your barbeque experience to your home backyard, when you can choose a portable gas grill and plan a cookout at camping or the beachside.

Features to consider in choosing a portable grill

There are several factors to consider while looking for a portable gas grill. You can visit the 10BestRanked website, a product review source that strives in giving answers to reader’s queries. You will find the best portable gas grills reviewed here.


‘British Thermal Unit’ is a metric that defines the grill’s heat output. It can describe total burners or a single burner output. Divide the BTU number with grill surface available in square inches to ensure that there is sufficient heat output. It is recommended that 80-100 BTU/sq. Inch is sufficient but several brands are fine with 70 BTU/sq. Inch.


The grill construction needs to be robust because thin material will be unable to hold the heat and solid burners. It means the BTUs and fuel gets wasted. Besides, you will need to go shopping for another grill very soon.

How to Choose Different Types of Grills in 2020 (Ultimate Guide)

Fuel type

  • Charcoal offers meat smoky flavor. It even stays warm post-cooking. Portable charcoal grills generate plenty of smoke and ash. It is a little bulky to carry around.
  • Gas grills use small propane tanks but you don’t get the smoky flavor. However, you get plenty of convenience. There is no waste left behind or mess to clean.
  • The electric grill is convenient as you don’t need gas or charcoal. However, its downside is there is a need for an outlet nearby. Away from home may need some creative thought, but in the backyard or balcony, it is ideal.


There are grill systems that can be connected with special cables. It allows grilling food for a big group using a single gas tank.


The number of burners you choose will depend on the family size and purpose. If you are choosing a multi-burner grill then ensure whether every burner can get turned off and on individually or not.

Cooking area

The area grills take up will impact your cooking space. It will determine how much food you can cook at the same time. For example, chicken cooking takes a lot of space, while hot dogs need little area.

Simmer control

It is good to have sufficient BTU, but you will need a feature to control them. You need a knob to have full control of the amount of heat ranging from a light simmer to a booming fire.


Portability does not only define the weight but even needs you to consider the shape and size of the grill. Some grills include a carrying case making it easily portable. The butane fuel tank sits inside the fuel compartment, so you can set the grill in small spaces.

With a portable gas grill, you can grill some hot dogs at a tailgate or plan a three-course gourmet meal at the campsite.